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Snowmobile Helmets

Just as with any personal vehicle, snowmobile riders are required to wear helmets while operating their vehicles. To keep from being seriously injured in the event of an accident, a sturdy snowmobile helmet is the only way to go. There are many things to look for in a good snowmobile helmet, though the most crucial element is always going to be how well it can protect you.

What kind of helmets can be used for snowmobile helmets?

When buying a snowmobile helmet, the most important thing to look for is full head coverage. As when riding motorcycles or similar vehicles, most any crash you find yourself in will be at very high speeds, meaning the more protection you have around your head, the better. Depending on your preference, you might go for a helmet without plastic eye protection so that you can wear your goggles underneath the helmet. Helmets with some form of anti-fogging visor technology are also a good choice, as it means you will not have to stop to wipe condensation out of your helmet. Additionally, snowmobile helmets might have extra insulation inside them as a product of their primary use being in cold climates.

What types of helmets can you buy?

In general, 3 types of helmets are available that snowmobile riders would typically wear during riding. They are designated based on how much coverage they give the users face and organized from most to least protective.

  • Full face: Full face helmets completely cover the users face, with protection for both the back of the skull and the chin as well as the head and face. They are solidly made to provide as much coverage as possible.
  • Modular: Modular helmets are designed similarly to a full face helmet, but with the ability to flip up and uncover the front of the face if desired.
  • Open face: Open face helmets cover the top and back of the head but leave the face area open. They may utilize a face shield or other kind of protective eye covering, but will still leave the majority of the face exposed.
Can you wear a camera on a snowmobile helmet?

More often than not, you should be able to equip a small camera to the top of a snowmobile helmet. Many helmet manufacturers even make their products with this in mind, designing spaces for cameras to clip or snap to for ease of use.