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Shoei Helmets

Shoei has been in the business of making high-quality helmets for motorcycle riders since 1959. Each helmet, made in Japan, is the result of over 50 years of research and development in safety, functionality, style, and comfort. Shoei makes helmets for use with street motorcycles, racing, and off-road vehicles.

How often should a Shoei helmet be replaced?

Helmets should be replaced about every five years to make sure that the helmet fit remains snug, secure, and safe and to keep up with government safety regulations. However, until such time, the liner inserts are mostly all removable and washable, which will keep the interior of the helmet clean and true to fit. Additionally, Shoei invests in safety research and continuous technological advancement for its helmets, which results in the production of safer helmets, so replacing every five years means taking advantage of those improvements.

What is the difference between a Shoei RF-1100 and an RF-1200?

The Shoei RF-1100 is the predecessor of the RF-1200. Both are high quality motorcycle helmets, but the RF-1200 has some design improvements and additional features, including a lighter weight, a smaller more aerodynamic shape, and better air flow with an additional vent on forehead and vents on the back moved into the spoiler with a single control for better manipulation while riding

How are Shoei motorcycle helmets tested?

Shoei helmets are tested for both safety and comfort with wind tunnel testing to analyze ventilation and air flow both around and into the helmet and road testing to account for variables occurring during a maneuver and speed changes as well as the impact of extended wear. About 3,000 Shoei helmets per year are taken from production and rigorously tested for safety and quality.

What is a flip-up helmet?

A flip-up, or modular, helmet is a full-face helmet that converts to a three-quarter helmet by way of the entire chin piece flipping upward. The Shoei Neotec is a flip-up helmet with several technological and design elements that make it appealing in the flip-up market to include better ventilation, an internal sun shield, and easier manipulation of the bottom chin piece.

Do full-face helmets fog up easily?

Shoei Helmets have several features that ensure clear and fog-free vision for the rider during wear and riding. Internal air channels in the shell combined with a well-designed vent system allow for warm, damp air to be expelled from the helmet via rear vents. The Shoei pinlock visor inserts also provide fog-free riding. Some Shoei helmets come stock with the pinlock visor insert included, but the inserts may be purchased and installed separately.