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Car and Truck Shields and Deflectors for Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Providing solid protection against insects that gum up windshields, rocks, and other damaging debris, the Chevrolet collection of bug shields and deflectors is a subtle but stunning addition to any Silverado 1500. Specially designed to fit your favorite Chevy, the shields are made to last as theyre crafted from strong materials. From bolder, decorative models to more low-profile shields, you can easily find the one meant for your truck.

What are automotive bug shields and deflectors?

Custom-designed to fit the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevys collection of bug shields is aerodynamically designed to manage your vehicles airflow and direct insects, rocks, and more away from your windshield to protect it and you. These bug shields handle the majority of the items you encounter on the road, and theyre easier and less costly to replace than your windshield.

How are automotive shields and deflectors attached?

Bug shields and deflectors are mounted on vehicles using either screws or double-sided tape to secure them. Be sure to read the details of any bug shields youre interested in to see their method of installation.

Bug deflectors that are secured by screws are usually made with a sleeve that tucks under the hood or includes brackets. These features ensure the holes in the brackets line up with the pre-existing ones where the grille or hood molding is held. To install it yourself, simply remove the grill or hood molding, secure the deflector using the holes there, and then return everything to their places.

Deflectors secured using tape use 3Mâ„¢ automotive-grade double-sided tape, which is used industry-wide for its strength and resilience. Strong, durable, and able to withstand striking temperature changes, this tape holds your deflector in place and makes installation a breeze with its peel-off backing.

What are low-profile shields?

Low-profile deflectors, sometimes called off-the-hood deflectors, match the vehicles design so well and fit so tightly to the hood that they appear to be an original component of the truck. Low-profile shields are perfect for lower hood lines that are more prone to damage from flying rocks and debris.

What are standard shields and bug deflectors?

Standard bug deflectors are more prominent and visible. Theyre set farther away from the hood and placed at a stronger, more noticeable angle. Standard bug shields are ideal if you live in warmer climates where bugs are bigger. They still offer dynamic profiles that complement your vehicles appearance and provide years of protection for your Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

What companies make bug deflectors and hood shields?

Some of the major manufacturers of bug deflectors and hood shields include Putco, EGR USA, and WeatherTech. In addition, there are companies that design technologies for bug deflectors, such as AVS Aeroskin.