Add sparkle with sequin decorative cushions

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of sparkle and glamour into a home is with sequin decorative cushions. Whether it's solid color glitter pillows or reversible sequin cushions, adding bright new throw cushions onto your seating is guaranteed to brighten a room. Smaller glitter throw cushions are perfect for armchairs, while large bolster shimmer cushions can brighten even the plainest of sofas. You can even add new life to an old pillow with a sequin cushion cover. 

Reversible sequin cushions

The versatility of reversible sequin cushions is that the color of the cushion can be changed with ease. To keep it simple, plain block color two-tone sequins offer complementary color matching to an interior, especially when a range of different sized cushions are placed together to create a focal point in a room. Reversible sequin cushions also offer a sensory experience due to the tactile nature of the sequins. 

Hidden sequin pictures

To really customise a home there are personalised sequin cushions available where a picture or message is hidden under the sequins until the sequins are pushed in the other direction. These customised cushions make wonderful gifts, and since the sequins can be pushed the other way to protect the personalised image or text they are sturdy enough for everyday use. Reveal pictures can even have a precious photo printed onto the sequins, making them gifts to last a lifetime. 

Mermaids and unicorns

It's not surprising that given how magical the color change effect is that mermaid and unicorn cushions are available in a selection of colors and styles. Fairytale themed images, rainbow designs and floral sequin cushions are perfect for injecting color into an otherwise plain interior and offer a simple way to update a child's bedroom without the expense of fully redecorating. Personalised cushions also help make a bedroom or playroom feel special, with a name, and possibly a loving message, printed on the sequins.