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SCUBAPRO Scuba and Snorkeling Equipment

SCUBAPRO is a manufacturer of scuba gear, snorkeling equipment, and diving accessories for professional and amateur divers. Their equipment includes but is not limited to regulators, dive suits, BCDs, and fins.

What types of SCUBAPRO diving suits are available?

SCUBAPRO makes wetsuits and drysuits. Wetsuits are made from foamed neoprene material that provides thermal insulation. They also protect the diver's skin and provide buoyancy. Drysuits also provide thermal insulation, protect the skin, and allow divers to swim in extremely cold temperatures.

The following are a few of the wet and drysuits SCUBAPRO makes:

  • SCUBAPRO Tropical Steamer 1mm Wetsuit
  • SCUBAPRO Everdry 4mm LT Drysuit
  • SCUBAPRO Everdry 4 Drysuit
How thick should the dive suit be?

Below are a few recommendations:

  • 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit: 1/4-inch neoprene
  • 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit: 1/16-inch neoprene, Lycra, Polartec
  • 35-65 degrees Fahrenheit: 3/8-inch neoprene, drysuit
What is a Buoyancy Compensator Device?

A Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD) is an apparatus that gives you control in the water as it maintains your body's average density equal to the density of the ocean. A BCD allows you to float, kneel, or stand on the bottom of the ocean, and/or swim swiftly in the water as you explore the scenery.

In order for a BCD to work, you must get one that is sized correctly and fits snugly but not too tight. You must also wear a weight system that will fine-tune your buoyancy. Moreover, your BCD must not constrain or impede your breathing. The BCD also carries your tank so it is part of your lifeline.

The BCD is the most complex piece of equipment that you will buy, so it is important to choose carefully based on what type of diving you will be doing. Here are three Buoyancy Compressor life guides to consider:

  • Tropical diving with little wetsuit protection: 12 to 24 pounds
  • Recreational diving with a full wetsuit or drysuit: 20 to 40 pounds
  • Technical diving: 40 to 80 pounds
Which SCUBAPRO regulator should you choose?

Choose a regulator that delivers a high volume of air during heavy exertion. Also select one and that works at extreme depths. It should be comfortable and easy to use.

How do you pick the right size jet fins?

SCUBAPRO jet fins come in S, M, L, and XL sizes. Your boot size determines the size of the fin required. If you are using a hard sole boot, you will want a larger size. If you are using a soft sole boot, a smaller size fin works better. When choosing between two sizes, get the larger one. Fins can always be shortened if needed.

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