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SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo

If you need more memory storage capacity for your Sony digital camera, there are memory cards designed to provide it. Sandisk offers a line of memory cards called the Memory Stick PRO Duo that will fit in your Sony device. This will enable you to record video and take more pictures without worrying about running out of storage space.

Which Sony devices accept the Memory Stick PRO Duo?

These SanDisk memory sticks will work with any Sony device that has a Memory Stick PRO Duo slot. These electronics include:

  • PSP video gaming consoles: You can install a PRO Duo card to expand the memory capability while playing your favorite games.
  • CyberShot digital cameras: You can record more videos and pictures by expanding the storage capability beyond the camera's internal memory.
  • Vaio PCs and laptops: The Sandisk memory sticks can be inserted into the computer's built-in slot for quick access to your media files. You can also use the cards as a removable backup device for your documents.
  • Digital voice recorders: A memory stick will allow you to capture and save more of your important audio recordings.
What is the maximum capacity of these memory sticks?

The SanDisk PRO Duo memory sticks have a high storage capacity between 512MB and 32GB. The maximum capacity will be marked on the cards.

What is the physical size of these memory cards?

The SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards measure 31 mm by 20 mm by 1.6 mm. Since they are small and compact, it is a good idea to store them in a clear plastic case or carrying bag when not installed in your Sony device.

How can you access media on the memory card?

If you use a PRO Duo card to store a high number of photos and video taken with a Sony digital camera, you can access the media from the camera's menu. Otherwise, you can connect the camera to your computer with its compatible USB cable. The computer should be able to detect the memory stick, usually mounted as a removable hard drive. The other option is to remove the memory stick and connect it to your computer. Some laptops have PRO Duo slots built in. There are also USB adapters that can connect the memory stick to the computer.

Are PRO Duo sticks formatted for use in Sony devices?

The PRO Duo sticks come from the factory properly formatted. However, be careful not to reformat the cards in a personal computer. This may cause the PRO Duo sticks to malfunction on other Sony devices. Consult all instructions before reformatting memory cards.

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