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Transport Your Files With a SanDisk 128GB USB Flash Drive

SanDisk produces a variety of memory and storage units that include USB sticks and flash drives, including one that can store 128 GB of data. The USB specification of your flash drive usually means that you can store data on it and access that data from any device with a compatible USB port.

Are 128GB USB flash drives compatible with multiple devices?

You may be able to attach your USB stick to the host item of your choice if it has an appropriate connector. Some USB flash drives may have dual connectors that could allow you to use them to transfer data or files between electronic devices. Some common items that accept at least one type of USB connection include:

  • Smartphones: Many smartphone models and brands have a charging port with a microUSB input. You may be able to use a flash drive with a similar connector to move data to and from your phone.
  • Computers: Many desktop PCs and laptops have at least one port for accepting a standard USB flash drive.
  • Memory vaults: A memory vault is intended to store your photos for several years. You may wish to transfer family photos to this vault via a flash drive.
What USB flash drive specifications can you choose?

Every flash drive has a USB specification. This number relates to how quickly you can transfer bits of data between the host and the USB stick. It is usually expressed in the form of bits per second. The most common specifications you might come across include:

  • USB 1.0: These storage drives transfer data at rates between 1.5 megabits per second (Mb/s) and 12 Mb/s.
  • USB 2.0: These flash drives have a minimum signaling rate that may go as high as 480 Mb/s.
  • USB 3.0: Some USB 3.0 devices may be able to transfer data in terms of gigabytes per second.
How do you maintain a USB drive?
  • Eject: USB sticks are meant to be transferable between devices. However, you may wish to digitally eject your flash drive from the host before you physically remove it. This step may help prevent loss of data.
  • Check the direction: You can insert a drive into a port only one way. Check to make sure the unit is facing the right direction and side. Never try to force a connection.
  • Protect the connector: Some SanDisk Ultra and Cruzer models can hide the connector to keep it free from debris.
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