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Run a Printer with Full Confidence by Installing a Samsung Toner

A Samsung toner fitted into the appropriate printer produces solid documents that are both clear and distinct. Once you reach the final draft, you can laser print the documents in high quality. A wide variety of Samsung toner cartridges are available on eBay.

How many different colors does a Samsung toner print?

Black toners are well known, as many office and home computers produce mainly text documents. If you're interested in producing multicolor prints, you won't be disappointed with the selection of Samsung printer toners on eBay. Several different colors appear on the inventory list including:

  • Yellow
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
Can you print many documents with a Samsung toner?

A Samsung toner that goes right from the box to the inside of a compatible printer delivers a significant lifespan. A 1,000-page yield is not uncommon. Some packaging does note that a particular selection may print upwards of 2,000 pages before running out of toner. Print quality should maintain high levels of performance until the time comes to replace the cartridge. Using these toners is simple. Add a toner to the printer in your den and print out rough copies of various documents for later review.

What does model number refer to on the Samsung toner?

Not every Samsung toner fits into every model of printer. Designs do differ from printer to printer so the toner cartridges on the printers must match the specific model number. The box packaging for the toner may list multiple model numbers. So, one toner could work with several different printers. Anything other than the listed model number won't work with or fit the toner cartridge.

What is meant by "toner" in a Samsung cartridge?

Earlier models of inkjet printers relied on cartridges fitted with a ribbon containing ink. Ribbon cartridges presented limitations eliminated by laser printers and their different type of cartridge. Inside of a laser printer cartridge is a powdery substance known as toner. Ink isn't a powder but a liquid. The toner powder inside the cartridge creates the text, symbols, and images on a laser printout.

There are also high-yield toners available on eBay. The term high-yield can describe both toner and ink cartridges. With a Samsung laser printer cartridge, yield refers to the amount of toner inside the casing. High yield means there is a significant amount of toner. Hence, the toner can print a high number of pages. More toner means more printing than would be the case with a lower yield cartridge.

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