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Sailor Uniform Costumes

The sailor costume is a staple for Halloween. The familiar shades of white, blue, and red make the sailor one of the easiest costumes to recognize. Whether you want to dress like an officer in the navy, a vintage-inspired sea captain, or a sassy, more adult version of a sailor, your options are endless.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a sailor costume?

If you want to dress like a sailor for your next Halloween party or costumed get-together, you'll have to consider many factors when choosing which outfit is right for you:

  • Location: First, you want to determine where your sailor costume will be worn. For example, if you'll be wearing it outdoors as part of a Halloween parade, you should consider how cold it will be outside. A costume with a jacket and pants would be more appropriate for this setting than one with shorts and a tank top.
  • Aesthetic: Consider what kind of costume you're looking for. You might need a historically accurate navy uniform to perform in a stage play, while attending a party might call for a flirty adult costume.
  • Purpose: How often and where your costume will be used will help you determine what you need from a navy uniform. If you plan on using it as a one-time cosplay or Halloween costume, a polyester costume will fit your needs. If you're planning to wear it often for your partner, a satin adult costume with a corset could be a good investment.
What do typical sailor costumes consist of?

While sailor costumes can vary from person to person, most Halloween costumes follow certain familiar criteria:

  • Color: Most sailor costumes use a combination of white, blue, and a pop of red in their design. They can also include gold elements like buttons or anchors.
  • Pattern: Sailor costumes usually include stripes. Men's shirt collars often have striped detailing, and women's sailor outfits include striping around the bottom of the dress or on stockings.
  • Accessories: No sailor uniform is complete without a hat. It is usually either white or blue, and it can be plain or include braided gold ropes and anchors. Often, Halloween costumes have gold or brass-colored buttons and a bow or nautical ascot tied around the neck. Men's uniforms usually include cuffed sleeves and long pants, and women's Halloween costumes usually include striped stockings and high-waisted shorts or a skirt.
What is a unique way to wear a sailor uniform?

There are many ways you can dress up a sailor costume or uniform so it stands out from the crowd:

  • Zombie: Rip your uniform and cover it in fake blood. Add dark make-up around your eyes and give your skin a gray tint to make yourself look like an undead sailor.
  • Vampire: Add fangs, dark lipstick, and a dark red or black cape to create a vampire sailor outfit.
  • Sailor Barbie: Pair a blonde wig, bright pink lipstick, and the sailor dress or uniform of your choice to transform into sailor Barbie.