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Sabian Cymbals

Sabian was founded in 1981 by Robert Zildjian in Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada and continues to operate from its center in the forests of New Brunswick, a natural setting for their production of a variety of cymbals, accessories for drum kits, and other percussion instruments. Sabian cymbals are designed to fit a broad range of styles of kits to create a multitude of tones. Here's what to know when purchasing these instruments.

What types of Sabian cymbals are available?

Sabian offers drummers a wide variety of possibilities for adding unique sounds to your drum kit. Sabian produces the following types of cymbals, and more:

  • Crash: A crash cymbal makes a loud crash sound. Sabian makes a broad array of these crash cymbals.
  • Ride: A ride cymbal is designed to create a light sound that punctuates the rhythm of the beat. A ride is designed to have a clear and consistent tone to create an accurate ride beat.
  • Hi-Hat: This cymbal is intended to create alternating tones that syncopate a beat. Sabian produces several of these cymbals that you can use on your drums.
  • Splash: This cymbal creates a brief, accented tone that makes for a creative addition to your drum kit. There are numerous models of this cymbal produced by Sabian.
What are some models of Sabian cymbals?
  • Sabian AAX: These cymbals create a powerful tone.
  • Sabian AA: The Sabian AA cymbal is designed to provide users with a clean tone and precise cut.
  • Sabian HHX: The HHX cymbal series is an alternative to the AAX Sabian, providing a darker and dryer tone.
  • Sabian Paragon: Created with the help of famed Rush drummer, Neil Peart, this series is among the most dynamic of Sabian's offerings.
  • Sabian XSR: The XSR series offers a vintage sound with a bright tone.
How can you create a full kit for your drums?

When deciding on the cymbals to include in your kit, it is important to take into account a few factors. The weight of a cymbal affects its volume, articulation, sound, and power. Thinner models are designed to produce brighter sounds along with light to moderate volume. Larger cymbals are created to produce darker tones and more sustainability.

A crash cymbal is intended to create a dynamic sound. A splash can be used as an alternative to this cymbal if you want a way to create a dynamic effect without creating a tone that is too aggressive.

Hi-hats are a staple of most kits because they provide the foundation for most beats alongside the snare and bass drum. However, the ride is another Sabian cymbal to consider as an alternative way of punctuating the beat.

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