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A Quick Guide to SSL Live Studio Mixers and Mix Monitors

Established in 1969, Solid State Logic (SSL) manufactures professional-grade, high-tech sound engineering equipment as well as film and video equipment used in live broadcast and in creating recorded audio. The firm offers both analog and digital equipment, including mixers and mix monitors. You'll find 8-, 16- and 32-channel mixing consoles in its current line available on eBay.

What are the features of Matrix2 SSL mixers?

Drawing on its first 30 years of analog mixing console design, the firm designed its Matrix2 line to enable sound engineers to integrate their studio's digital and analog devices. Its audio mixing consoles provide an ergonomic design that intuitively arranges the main recording and mixing functions of level measurement, monitoring, and routing. These offer motorized automated faders.

The Matrix2 line of consoles offers 32 analog channels organized into 16 channel strips, each with a main and alternate. Each channel provides a direct DAW record output. It offers two stereo mix busses and four stereo auxiliary returns. Each of those six also provides full stereo mix bus routing. That means the sound engineer has 40 total inputs for the mix.

What features do Solid State Logic mix monitors have?

SSL mix monitors provide independent mini- and main-monitor outputs. The artist-monitor output provides independent EQ control and source selection. This line has three external monitor inputs with source summing. Use this equipment for zero-latency monitoring and recording. It offers two monitoring options:

  • stereo
  • 5.1. monitoring

These devices feature a 3.5-mm stereo front panel monitor input. This lets the engineer plug their headphones in so that the cord does not become entangled with other cabling.

For what use is this SSL mixing equipment intended?

Use these mixing consoles and mix monitors in a professional-grade audio environment. The audio-mixing consoles and mix monitors manufactured by this firm and available on eBay for various price points from affordable to expensive are well-suited to use in sound recording environments, post-production facilities, and radio and television broadcast studios, as well as college and university analog and digital classrooms. The proprietary nature of its designs require training specific to the audio consoles and devices.

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