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Add Sound to Your Recordings With the Rode VideoMic

Whether you're making a student movie or filming personal footage, you can record crisp, clear audio with your video camera when you use a portable microphone. Find a vast selection of new and used Rode VideoMics on eBay at a range of affordable prices.

What are the features of the RodeVideoMic?

Some of the features of a Rode VideoMic microphone include the following:

  • High-pass filter - This helps reduce background noises such as factory rumbling, jet engine roars, or other passing sounds. This prevents recording disruptions and allows speakers to be heard distinctly even in noisy environments.
  • Normal audio setting - This feature allows you to record when no extra noise filters are needed. For instance, you may opt to record while using this setting if you have a deep, bass voice and are filming in a quiet room.
  • Gain regulator - Add plus or minus to your gain before you start recording to automatically amplify the subject sound. You may even be able to record in small concert halls when using this feature.
  • LCD control - This usually takes place via the screen on your digital SLR camera - the control setting will be on your photography device's "menu." Here you can select recording volume, turn on the wind filter, and more.
  • Manual or auto recording - Set your camera to record sound automatically or have control over when you want to stop and start your recordings.
Where does the Rode VideoMic attach to a DSLR camera?

The microphone usually attaches to a spot on your camera (i.e. the hot shoot/shoe mount) where it screws on tight. Typically, the Rode VideoMic will attach to the top, bottom, side, or another location on your DSLR that still allows you to take clear images while recording sound.

How loud or soft does the Rode VideoMic record?

It records up to about 20 decibels for professional-quality sound when operating at different recording volumes. You can also set it to pick up softer sounds at around 10 decibels, and this device can also pick up top-grade sounds from the sides of the unit.

How is the Rode VideoMic powered?

You can operate this microphone using a 9-volt battery that lasts for approximately 100 hours. The battery life may depend on how continuously you use the device or what other functions you have running while recording.

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