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How to Select Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Bags

When you own a Riccar vacuum cleaner, you can maximize its efficiency by changing out the bags when they get full. A vacuum cleaner with a full bag wont work as well as a cleaner with a fresh bag does, so stay on top of changing your bags to reduce allergies and to keep your Riccar vacuum cleaner working properly.

What Are the Types of Vacuum Bags?

Purchasing vacuum bags may seem daunting, but its really not that difficult after you determine what some of the features of bags are and the types of vacuum bags that are available for purchase.

  • HEPA bags made by Riccar use a special filtration system to remove allergens from carpet and flooring, such as bacteria, animal hair, and microbes to keep your environment cleaner and free of debris that could aggravate allergy symptoms.
  • Riccar filtration bags filter out 99.7 percent of harmful particles in the air, and these vacuum bags are made of paper.
  • A Riccar central HEPA bag is used for a hybrid or central vacuum, and these media bags filter out dust and allergens. 

When Is It Time to Change the Bag?

Its always a wise idea to have Riccar bags on hand, so when its time to change your vacuum cleaner bags, youll be ready. Use these guidelines to determine when its time to switch out an old bag for a new vacuum bag.

  • Check your vacuum to see when your bag reaches 2/3 full and avoid letting it get completely full before you change it. When its 2/3 full, its smart to swap it for a fresh vacuum bag.
  • If you dont use your vacuum as frequently and it doesnt get full that quickly, simply change the vacuum bags once a month to keep your vacuum fresh and ready to use. 
  • If you notice that your Riccar vacuum isnt picking up very well, go ahead and change the vacuum bags to see if that makes a difference in the way your vacuum performs. If it still doesnt pick up debris, you may need to replace your vacuums filter or replace the belt.

How Do You Buy the Right Bags?

There are many types of vacuum cleaner bags available, so its helpful to know exactly which one to purchase before you buy a package that contains numerous vacuum bags. 

  • Become familiar with the model series and number of your vacuum. Certain bags only work with specific Riccar models, such as the Vibrance, SupraLite, or Radiance vacuum models. Most vacuums have a model number such as RSLP-6, RC-1500 or RC-1400, so make sure that this number matches the bags youre buying.
  • Select the proper Riccar type of vacuum cleaner. The brand makes several types of vacuums, so youll need to know whether you own a canister, upright, or central vacuum cleaner so you can get the proper vacuum bags to accommodate that specific model type.

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