Muebles, letreros y decoración para restaurantes

Restaurant Furniture, Signs, and Decor

Restaurant furniture is made for heavy-duty use and for the restaurant's staff to keep the furnishings clean in case of food spills. The styles of the furniture, signs, and decor typically reflect the theme or type of restaurant. Some furnishings look like home decor, while other restaurants use signs, decor, and furnishings to create an eclectic or exciting dining experience.

What are the features of restaurant signs?
  • Light emitting diodes: Restaurant signs may use light emitting diodes to display a message that can be seen at night or from across the room. Light emitting diode restaurant signs can be programmed to show the special of the day, the time of the happy hour, or other pertinent information. Neon tube lights are also popular in restaurants.
  • Chalkboards: Restaurants may also use signs with chalkboard finishes. This allows the operators of the restaurant to quickly make updates such as when a particular special of the day has run out or to inform customers of the day's recommendations from the chef.
  • Freestanding message boards: Freestanding message boards are often used just outside the front door of a restaurant. These message boards often have a chalkboard finish so that information about the day's offerings or specials can be conferred to passersby.
What materials are restaurant furnishings made from?
  • Glass: Furniture such as restaurant tabletops, coffee tables, and pastry display cases are often made from glass. An advantage of glass is that it is easy to wipe clean between patrons.
  • Metal: Restaurants often use metal furniture bases for tables and chairs. The seats of metal chairs are typically upholstered for enhanced comfort. Metal is durable and has a high weight capacity.
  • Wood: Wood furniture confers an elegant and timeless look to a restaurant's decor. Wood furniture can be painted or stained to match the restaurant's theme and colors.
  • Synthetics: Synthetic materials such as padding, faux leather, and vinyl are often used on the seats and backs of furniture such as restaurant chairs and benches. These materials are easy to wipe down when patrons spill food or drinks.
What are themes for restaurant decorations?

Restaurants may use a particular type of furniture and decorations to impart a style or feeling to their patrons. Rustic decor is common in restaurants. Hand-crafted furniture, accessories, and details such as vases or picture frames may be used to complement the dining space. Another common style of décor for restaurants is vintage. A restaurant may collect vintage artwork, posters, vases, lamps, or knickknacks to create a relaxed or homey feel to the eating area. An elegant restaurant may use mirrors, glass, porcelain, or glazed ceramics for its wall accessories, lighting, and tabletop decorations. A holiday or celebratory theme is also favored by some restaurants. Holiday decorations such as ornaments, decorated trees, glass baubles, or colorful bar stools may be used during different times or seasons of the year.