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Nissan Murano Radiators and Parts

Keep your Nissan Murano operating smoothly with radiators and their individual parts. Whether you need to replace an individual cap or a complete radiator, it’s a breeze to find the parts you need to get your vehicle up and running. There is a wide selection of Nissan Murano parts and engine cooling systems available to suit your Muranos trim style and year.

What are radiator splash shields for the Nissan Murano?

A splash shield sits under the radiator of your Nissan Murano. When you drive, it prevents water and debris from flying up into your radiator off the wheels and causing damage. It also helps with heat management as your Nissan’s radiator heats up. Keep in mind that not all Nissan models require splash shields; check your manual for details.

What is a radiator support?

A radiator support is a steel panel that fastens to the frame of your Murano. The metal holds the engine cooling system in place so it doesn’t wiggle or become detached when you drive over bumpy terrain. Since the support bolts to the interior of your car at multiple points, it distributes pressure and weight for more even wear. Many supports also provide openings for cooling fans that direct hot air away from the radiator to prevent overheating.

What is included with a replacement Nissan Murano radiator?

The contents of a Nissan radiator assembly vary, so it’s important to read the description carefully. Some include only the radiator itself, while others come with caps, hoses, supports, and other Nissan Murano parts.

What are some available radiator parts for the Nissan Murano?

You can choose from a variety of auto parts to keep your Nissan’s radiator running properly:

  • Radiator hoses: These hoses connect to the radiator’s water inlets and outlets for efficient cooling; they also connect your coolant reservoir to the radiator.
  • Coolant bottles: They hold coolant fluid in reserve.
  • Overflow tanks: These tanks catch coolant fluid that comes out of the radiator after it is overfilled or overheated; this fluid is returned to the system when it cools.
  • Caps: The caps open when the pressure inside the radiator reaches a set point, allowing coolant to flow into the overflow tank.
How do you select a radiator for your Nissan Murano?

With the huge variety of available radiators and components, it can be a challenge to figure out which item fits your specific Murano. With these steps, it’s easy to narrow down the options:

  • Get your car’s information: Gather information about your Nissan’s model, year, and trim level to find compatible parts.
  • Select the part you need: Choose from full Murano radiators, replacement caps, splash guards, supports, overflow tanks, hoses, and more.
  • Verify compatibility: Read the product listing to double check that it is compatible with your Nissan vehicle.