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Acura Integra Radiators-Parts

The Acura Integra is known for dependability and efficiency. Purchasing the finest-quality replacement and aftermarket Acura Integra parts for your vehicle requires research and dedication. When replacing the radiator in a 1993 Acura Integra, it is important to purchase the exact component that is made for this make and model of Integra to ensure optimum performance.

Whats the function of the radiator in the 1993 Integra?

The radiator in the 1993 Acura Integra, which has an internal combustion engine, is designed to remove the heat from the motors coolant. When heated coolant passes through, the liquid is cooled and then returned to the engine. This process keeps the engine cool, which is necessary for maximum performance in your vehicle. Purchasing the right radiator parts for your Acura Integra will help prevent overheating or cooling of the engine.

What are symptoms of a radiator problem?

Overheating of your vehicle can cause serious damage to the parts and even your entire Integra motor. Since most are made of metal and/or plastic, over time, plastic parts can become brittle and crack which can cause leakage of the coolant. Another common problem is buildup from the additives in the coolant that will eventually form solid deposits over time causing clogs in the channels. Any of these problems will cause the motor in your Integra to overheat. Symptoms include increases in the temperature gauge, steam coming from under the hood, and shifting problems (when transmission fluid mixes with coolant because of cracks or leaks).

How is a radiator problem diagnosed?

Early signs that there is a problem in the radiator include a raised temperature meter during normal driving conditions. As problems continue, steam can come from beneath the hood, which is another clear indicator of a radiator malfunction. An inspection of the entire cooling system should be performed which will include the water pump, hoses, fans and thermostat. Any old or cracked hoses or parts should be replaced. Signs of overheating in the motor, such as damage to the head gasket, will also be assessed and should be fixed immediately.

How often should this part be replaced in an Acura?

The recommendation for replacing the radiator in a 1993 Acura varies according to the use and wear on the car, but generally, the manufacturer recommends that it be replaced at 80,000 miles. The repeated cycling of coolant through the unit will cause wearing and damage that could ultimately cause irreversible damage to the motor. Regular servicing and maintenance of your Acura can ensure that any problems are quickly diagnosed and repaired.