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Designing Your Outdoor Garden with Windmills and Spinners

Outdoor landscaping can take many directions to complement the exterior of the home. The addition of wind spinners, hummingbird feeders, and other lawn ornaments can enhance the lawn area. Spinners are available in several materials and primarily operated by the breeze of the wind.

How to use wind spinners in outdoor landscape projects?

Landscaped grounds are ideal for any size homes. The first impression of a home is usually given by the exterior design. Decorative windmills can be placed throughout various areas of the yard. Make sure to secure them with durable ground stakes. This helps to keep them stable in the ground during wet or intimidating weather conditions. The height, size, and durability of the spinner play a factor in how to use it for landscape projects. Professional landscapers often add them to landscape designs to bring a splash of color or rustic look to their projects. Create a flower bed or garden with them as accent pieces. Place them along the exterior edge of the lawn or mount them between large boulder rocks. Here are a few ideas for outdoor designs with spinners:

  • Arrange alternating heights in a designated area to create an eye-catching arrangement.
  • Place metal spinners in an area that can catch rays from the sun.
  • Whirligig spinners of different colors can be arranged in a pattern to design a creative display in the lawn.
  • Add boulders or rocks to the perimeter of the garden area and place those made of polyester material within that area.
  • Accentuate the spinners with other yard ornaments.

What material is used to make Premier Designs garden ornaments?

There are multiple materials used to make Premier designs for the lawn. Most of these are durable and carefully crafted to withhold strong bouts of wind and extremely wet weather. Most ornaments are colorful and designed with material that permits long-term spinning. Kites, balloon ornaments, and other flying style yard decor is constructed using material and parts that work in unison with the wind flow. DIY wind spinners are usually crafted with fabrics that are easy to sew or pin together. The most commonly seen materials include:

  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass

What windmill and wind spinners are available?

Fun, vibrant and unique are the terms sometimes used to describe the variety of wind spinners available today. The Whirligig bird ornaments add color and character to the lawn. Hot air or light wind helps the spinners to circulate and create a wave of activity in the yard. Combine more than one type in the yard for a festive look. Here are a few available options:

  • Warhawk replica plane
  • Petite dog character
  • Tractor wind
  • Hot air balloon
  • Victorian swimmer
  • Fish and animal
  • Buff chicken
  • Patriotic eagle

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