Radios AM/FM portátil de onda corta

Stay Connected Wherever You Go With Shortwave Radios

These radios provide the ability to transmit vocal and music frequencies to shortwave audiences. These channels that are picked up are often found at the higher end of the AM frequencies. You will find a wide range of affordable shortwave radio models available on eBay to keep you connected.

What are important factors when selecting a shortwave radio?

While the ideal radio model for you will depend on your desired listening capabilities, there are some factors that will help you find the radio that will deliver the result you are looking for. These features and functions include the following:

  • Frequency coverage: These specialty radios offer frequencies that you will find at the upper part of the AM broadcasting band. These include ranges from 1700 kHz to 30 MHz. You should look for a shortwave radio that covers the minimum range of 540 kHz to 30 MHz for varying listening capabilities.
  • Frequency readout: Selecting a radio model that has a digital frequency readout gives you the ability to better monitor the channel you are listening to or wish to tune in to on your device without frustration.
  • Selectivity options: With the selectivity features that are offered with wide and narrow bandwidths, you are able to fine-tune the channels you are listening to for higher audio quality.
  • Modes: Shortwave radios offer AM frequency listening capabilities. However, if you wish to access more channels for a broader listening experience, you will find that shortwave radios that are designed with SSB reception will expand these opportunities.
  • Antenna connections: Shortwave radios can experience choppy reception depending on where the device is used. Selecting a model that has a telescopic antenna built into its design will reduce interference. You can also select models found on eBay that give you the option to install aftermarket antennas to fine-tune your listening experience.
Where can you use a shortwave radio?

These specially designed portable radios are designed to pick up shortwave frequencies. These devices provide the ability to transmit voice and music broadcasts to shortwave listeners. It is possible to broadcast these radio frequencies over larger areas that often cannot otherwise receive communication capabilities. You can use the shortwave radios in various locations, including the following:

  • While traveling on boats
  • Camping or spending time in secluded nature areas
  • From home
  • When traveling over the road
What should be considered when selecting a shortwave radio?

Some considerations you should make when selecting among the different radios available include the following factors:

  • Location: Where the radio will be used
  • Usage: How often you will be using the device
  • Connection: The ability to pick up the frequencies and connect antennas as needed
  • Affordability: Budget you are working with for purchasing your portable radio