Pioneer 2 DIN Car Audio In-Dash units

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All You Need to Know About Pioneer Double DIN Car Audio In-Dash Units

Are you ready to replace your aging car stereo with a new Pioneer Double DIN stereo with navigation? Look no further than eBay for all your car stereo needs. There are many Pioneer car stereos from which to choose, ensuring you will find exactly what you need.

What should you know about DIN?

DIN is short for Deutsches Institut für Normung and refers to the size of the stereo face. Invented in Germany by the company of the same name, it is now an international standard for car stereo face sizes. A single DIN stereo face is 7 inches by 2 inches, and a double DIN stereo face is 7 inches by 4 inches. It is important to know the DIN of your car stereo because single DIN and double DIN are not interchangeable.

What are some features of these Pioneer car stereos?

With a wide array of Pioneer stereos from which to choose, you will also find many different available features. Some of these Pioneer car stereos come with Wi-Fi, DVD or CD players, or remote controls. Some models include back-up camera systems, allowing you to see what is behind you when backing up your car. Some features that are common to all these stereos are detailed below:

  • Touchscreen
  • Navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • USB/auxiliary ports
Will these Pioneer Double DIN stereos make a phone hands-free?

Yes, all these stereos include Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your phone to your car's stereo system. This feature lets you communicate on your cell phone hands-free. Some cars still do not come with Bluetooth installed, so this can be a great benefit. Since most states require you to use hands-free systems while talking on the phone in your car, this is an extremely important feature. Not only are you able to make and receive calls through the Bluetooth capability, but you are also able to send voice texts and emails. You can also operate most voice-enabled apps and stream music from your phone or different apps.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Pioneer car stereo?

With all the different Pioneer radios available for you on eBay, there are many different options which will benefit you. First of all, you will enhance your personal safety using Bluetooth hands-free capability for your in-car calls. Navigation will assist you in quickly and accurately finding your destination. There is a map on-screen to tell you where to go as well as voice prompts. There are also a variety of ways to entertain your passengers on long trips.

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