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Phat Farm Clothing for Men

Founded in 1992, Phat Farm clothing is a casual streetwear label that was formed by Russell Simmons, a hip-hop impresario who was also the founder of the Def Jam record label. The line has created numerous clothing options for anyone looking for hip-hop style attire.

What is the meaning of "Phat Farm"?

"Phat" is a slang word typically used to mean "ultimate" or "cool." According to the actor Chris Tucker, the letters are an acronym meaning "pretty hot and tempting." The phrase was visible on Phat Farm's initial clothing designs, which were aimed at urban males.

What kinds of clothing does Phat Farm offer for men?

Russell's initial plan was to design attire for young urban males. As such, most of Phat Farm's collection was comprised of T-shirts, britches, sweaters, and hoodies with the brand's signature logo. Russell Simmons later expanded the product line to produce tracksuit trousers, casual and heavy coats, suits, and athletic apparel.

What are the different styles of Phat Farm jeans available?

While the company has produced a variety of T-shirts for hip-hop artists, it also designs trousers for men in different styles. Options include boot-cut, baggy, vintage, classic, relaxed, and skinny pants. The line's jeans include designs made of cotton, denim, and polyester. Some of the designs feature embroidered pockets.

What kinds of graphic T-shirts does Phat Farm produce?

Phat Farm designs printed graphic clothing items that feature a variety of different images and phrases. The clothing is designed to complement hip-hop's cultural style of the 1990s, targeting both hip-hop artists and their fans. The T-shirts are typically made of cotton, featuring V-necks and crew necks, long and short sleeves, and tank tops.

What are the different T-shirt sizes available for men?

The 90s were characterized by the use of oversize pants and T-shirts and hoodies. As such, most of Phat Farm’s shirts are oversized, loose around the chest, shoulders, and sides. They come in medium, large, and extra large sizes.

Does Phat Farm design shorts for men?

Apart from the selection of britches for men, the company also designs shorts in denim, khaki, athletic, carpenter, casual, and flat front styles. They are available in black, beige, gray, green, red, white, green, and blue colors with floral, stripped, geometric, camouflage, plaid, and checked patterns.

What kinds of accessories does the Phat Farm brand offer?

Phat Farm makes a number of accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, and fragrances. Some pieces include gold-coated necklaces, charms, and bracelets with crystal embellishments.

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