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Peavey Vintage Guitar Amplifiers

Since 1965, Peavey has been manufacturing amplifiers designed for amplification and specialized-effects processing. They pick up on the weak electrical signal given off from a guitar. Peavey vintage guitar amplifiers range from 1 to over 1,000 watts of power.

What are the types of Peavey guitar amplifiers?
  • Electric: These are the most typical types of Peavey amplifiers. They produce a musical distortion that couples with the notes from the guitar. An electric amplifier can also be modified to produce reverb and tone effects.
  • Acoustic: These Peavey amplifiers are designed to showcase the clear treble and rounded bass notes. They do not focus on distortion or effects. Some have inputs for a microphone or an acoustic pickup.
  • Bass: This style is more concerned with accurately producing the low, full notes that bass guitars create. The sound is not changed by effects or distortion. They also feature the largest speakers, which contributes to power and volume.
How do Peavey vintage amplifiers get their power?
  • Solid-state (analog): These amplifiers use transistors for the preamplifier and power sections. They generally produce true-to-sound notes, but some include purposeful distortions.
  • Tube: This is the most typical type of vintage Peavey models. The produce louder sounds than a solid-state and have a warm, heavy tone with big distortion. Most tube amplifiers have separate channels so you can quickly switch between normal and distorted sounds.
  • Modeling (digital): This style uses digital processors to replicate the organic sound of a tube amplifier. Since they are digital, they include tone styles from multiple types of amplifiers into one cabinet. This model is also programmable, so you can add many digital effects like reverb, delay, or chorus to your music. Some may include analog outputs.
  • Hybrid: This model combines the power of a tube with a solid-state amplifier. It also produces sounds akin to the tube with the multiple distorted effects of a solid-state.
How portable are Peavey vintage amplifiers?
  • Head/cabinet stack: An amplifier head features all the same parts as an amplifier, but doesn’t include speakers. It has to connect to a speaker cabinet with cables instead. Sometimes, the amp heads and cabinets are sold together as a stack.
  • Combo: This is the most typical style. Combo models look like a single box that holds both the amplifier and one or more speakers. They are lightweight and easy to operate. Simply plug into the wall and into your instrument to begin playing.
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