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Parrot Camera Drones Parts and Accessories

Thanks to drones, a flight is a possibility for anyone now. If you own a Parrot camera drone, it is important to know how to care for it, and you may even want to add accessories to give it your own personal touch. There are many ways to enhance your flying experience with Parrot camera drones parts and accessories.

What does the FPV pack do?

FPV stands for first-person view. With the FPV headset and the HD camera, it is as if you're in the cockpit of the drone. The HD camera attached to your copter allows you to experience the aerial view as if seeing it with your own eyes. The FPV includes a Parrot Skycontroller 2, FPV cockpit glasses, and a backpack for the drone.

How does the FPV pack work?

The FPV pack works by connecting via Wi-Fi to your smartphone. This allows you to access your copter's simulated brain to enter a flight plan, stream your aerial expeditions live, and even customize the functions of the Skycontroller 2. Your drone's camera will feed live in-flight footage to your phone, which you can insert into the virtual reality headset. Now you're ready to fly. The controller that comes with the pack allows you to control your bird by tilting your device like the tiller in an actual cockpit.

Which Parrot camera drones parts are replaceable for maintenance?

There are smaller, drones parts that keep your quadcopter flying. For example, the batteries for both your controller and the drone can be replaced. Typically, each battery will need about an hour of charge time, and depending on which drone you have, you will have anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours of flight time. The propellers and the camera lens are other replaceable parts that are important to maintain.

Is there another option for beginning flyers?

The AR Drone may be more suitable for beginners. It travels up to 50 meters, has an HD camera that records, and it can be controlled using a phone or a tablet. It is user-friendly and intended for those who are learning how to fly. The simple design, which requires less maintenance, may encourage you to learn how to customize your copter and maintain it as well.

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