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Paper Craft Supplies

Arts and crafts can be a fun way to spend a few hours, brighten a home, and make gifts for friends. One of the oldest and most well-known art forms, paper crafting, lets the imagination run wild while keeping the hands busy. Finding the right paper crafts for your project can be almost as much as fun as doing the project itself.

What is paper crafting?

Paper is a widely used art medium. Paper crafting refers to a broad range of art projects, from origami to making homemade cards to creating scrapbooks. Additionally, making paper is a craft, such as creating embossed journal pages and decorative stationery.

How can you find supplies for your paper craft projects?

Here are some examples of the types of supplies you might choose for enjoying a selection of paper crafts.

  • Card making. While you can craft cards from almost any kind of sturdy material, cardstock is easier to decorate and will hold up well over time. Cardstock comes in colors and weights that are suitable for any occasion. Don't forget to consider some decorative stamps for your cards as well. Rubber stamps can save you the effort of writing duplicate card messages by hand. For holiday cards, stamps can also add bits of festive decoration and color.
  • Origami. The first rule for origami paper crafting is you should always start with a square piece of paper. You can cut non-square supplies with a pair of sharp scissors or a paper cutter. In addition to the square shape, the material should fold cleanly without breaking or creasing. Apart from these considerations, color, size, and material can vary.
  • Decoupage. If this is your first time crafting decoupage, you may want to find materials made specifically for this purpose. All you really need to get started is thin, flexible paper, glossy glue, and a brush. You can even cut up old magazines or newspapers to use as decoupage materials.
  • Paper flowers. In order to create beautiful, delicate flowers, crepe paper is an excellent choice. While any ultrathin material will work, you need many layers to craft an intricate paper flower.
  • Scrapbooking. If you're just starting out with scrapbooking or another open-ended design project, try a variety paper-craft pack. That way, you can cut and craft materials to suit your vision. Scrapbooking encourages creative crafting, making something new with unique designs, materials, and mediums. Use decorative stamps, add ribbons, and create pop-ups. Stamp and sticker collections can provide the basis for some fun scrapbooking time.
How can you store papercraft supplies?

Always keep your craft supplies in a dry place. Consider organizing supplies by project type, such as in bins or folders sorted by paper type and color.