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Panasonic Vintage Speakers

Panasonic has produced a variety of audio equipment for many years. This includes devices such as speakers in several contemporary and vintage models. Many of these models have different parts, materials, accessories, and features for a range of music and TV sound options.

What types of Panasonic speakers can you purchase?

The company manufactures speakers in several formats, and some people opt to purchase more than one type of device to complete their audio experience. Some of the types of speakers from Panasonic include:

  • Travel speakers for music or TV on the go
  • Cone speakers in various models, either individually or in pairs. This type includes models such as Matsushita 7-inch vintage pairs or the SB-150D.
  • Round drum
  • Full range
  • Standing stereo systems
What case materials are used?

If you'd like to shop for vintage Panasonic equipment with particular casings, there are a few categories from which you can choose:

  • Brown or dark wood, plywood, or faux wood casings.
  • Plastic or synthetic materials.
  • Metal housings.
What are the parts of a vintage speaker?

Although the full parts list for a vintage sound system can differ from model to model, most of them share a basic list of common parts and may include:

  • Tweeters to produce high-range frequencies
  • Midrange drivers
  • Woofers
  • Subwoofers
  • Grills
  • Voice coils
What ranges do the drivers handle?

The primary drivers in a system are designed to handle a specific range of noises depending on which driver is active at the time. If all the drivers are functioning in concert, for example, they can provide a range of music or other noises. Here is a description of the specific ranges of frequencies for which each driver is responsible.

  • High frequencies above 2000 Hz are handled by the tweeter driver.
  • The midrange driver handles most frequencies between 200 Hz and 2000 Hz.
  • Woofer drivers deal with the bass range of sounds, which is usually anything lower than the 200 Hz range.
Can you add Bluetooth to vintage speakers?

You may wish to add wireless capabilities to your vintage Panasonic sound system. You may be able to order an adapter to add Bluetooth or wireless capabilities to these devices. This adapter is what allows older equipment to work with contemporary technology.

Although the specific requirements for adapting your vintage equipment can vary depending on the models you're using, you may be able to use these basic guidelines during your setup process:

  • Plug the adapter into a power source.
  • Connect the adapter to either a cable or an auxiliary port located on your equipment.
  • Pair the connected equipment with the Bluetooth-enabled device of your choice.
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