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Carry a Prada Handbag in Style

In 1913, Mario and Martino Prada opened Fratelli Prada, a Milan leather goods boutique, and built Prada into the international brand that it is now. The company's product lines include a variety of handbags and purses for women. If you're searching for a bag or purse, you may wish to familiarize yourself with categories on eBay that can help you narrow your searches, such as what materials, styles, and features you may choose.

Are there different styles of purses you can choose?

Some Prada purses for women will fall into certain categories. These categories usually denote the size of the bag or how you can carry it on your person. Some of the most common styles of women's handbag include:

  • A clutch purse - Usually without straps or handles, for carrying small items
  • A shoulder bag or tote bag - Commonly features unfastened, parallel handles
  • Crossbody bags or satchels - May have a long strap that allows you to wear them diagonally across your body and a rigid body structure

What are some features of Prada women's purses and handbags?

Although the specific features for each Prada handbag or purse will vary according to model, some common features or accessories you may find when searching for new or previously owned bags on eBay include:

  • Adjustable or detachable straps
  • Inner dividers, inner pockets, or sleeves for electronic devices
  • Magnetic snaps or clasps
  • Outer pockets
  • Key clips

What kinds of materials are used in Prada handbags?

Some of the most common materials you may find in the construction and production of Prada handbags or purses include:

  • Regular, faux, or patent leather
  • Velvet, suede, or silk
  • Sheepskin or snakeskin
  • Denim, canvas, or fabric
  • Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester

What is the difference between a Prada purse and handbag?

You may find Prada products designed to help you hold and carry items labeled as purses while similar items are labeled as handbags. While the terms may or may not be used interchangeably within the industry, there are some differences between these items:

  • Storage - A handbag is a storage device that you may wish to use for daily essential items when you are out walking or traveling. Handbags can be made from various natural or synthetic materials and often feature a strap that you can grab onto or drape over your shoulder.
  • Size - A purse is a smaller version of a handbag that you may wish to use for carrying extra cards, money, small photos, or other items.
  • Carry along - Either of these terms describes an item you can carry with you and use to store objects of your choice.

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