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OtterBox Clip Cell Phone Cases/Covers for iPhone 6

A Quick Overview of OtterBox Clip Cases for the iPhone 6

OtterBox has been known for making protective cellphone, smartphone, and tablet cases for more than 20 years. They offer a range of styles that are compatible with a diverse array of tablets and devices, including the iPhone 6. If youre looking for a clip case for your iPhone 6, heres what you need to know about the selections available from OtterBox.

What sort of protection does this type of case offer?

Every OtterBox case offers Certified Drop+ Protection, which means it offers protection against drops and other types of damage, like daily wear and tear. This protection includes four components that are all present in their iPhone cases:

  • Drop protection, including impact absorption, to protect against screen cracks and breakage
  • Dust protection, which keeps the jacks and ports of the iPhone 6 free of dirt and dust
  • Screen protection that guards the touch screen against scratches and damage
  • Scratch protection for the entirety of the device
Which iPhone OtterBox covers can be used with a clip?

The OtterBox Defender Series can be outfitted with an optional holster clip, which is sold separately. The black holster securely snaps to the Otterbox case so that it can be clipped to a belt. The belt clip also flips out to serve as a stand, which is useful when youre watching movies or videos on your iPhone. Other types of OtterBox cases for this phone come with a range of accessories but are not offered with the belt clip. Other accessories you can select for the Defender series include Bluetooth earphones and a USB car charger.

How is the Defender case constructed?

This OtterBox case features three layers of protection for full coverage of your phone: a clear screen protector, a middle layer of synthetic rubber that slips tightly over the phones shell, and a hard outer case made from polycarbonate. This design is meant to provide protection by addressing the potential vulnerabilities of the iPhones construction.

What colors are available for these covers?

Different color options are available for both the shell and the internal slipcover. You can choose from a range of attractive case combinations for your iPhone6. For the shell, you can choose from Black, White, Blaze Pink, Royal Blue, Citron Green, and Light Teal. The internal slipcover comes in Black, Gunmetal Grey, Blaze Pink, Dark Jade, or Deep Water Blue. In addition to these main choices, special-edition colors and patterns are sometimes released.

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