Other Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system is a way to get a product to a customer quickly. Conveyor systems are used for material handling, so whether the product is on the conveyor directly or packed in a box, the use of this type of system helps make production more efficient. Typically, conveyors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a useful tool for various product handling application options.

What is a conveyor system?

Conveyor systems are typically a network of conveyors that work in concert to create solutions that allow you to transport a product from one area to another. Many of these conveyor systems are used to transport large objects, but they can also make moving smaller objects much more efficient.

What industry is a tabletop conveyor used for?

Tabletop conveyors are about the size of a traditional table, but they have guide rails that allow different-sized boxes to travel along the conveyor with ease. These can be used in nearly any type of industrial business, but they are often used for inspection stations. This is common in the auto industry, the food industry, and more.

What are the benefits of conveyor systems?

Using a conveyor system is one of the solutions that many businesses use to make manufacturing and transporting equipment more efficient. Conveyors move materials quickly, and these systems can also easily move materials up hills and around corners. This versatility is one of the reasons that a conveyor system is used in industries where items are packed and transported across the workspace.

What are different conveyors for a material handling system?

A typical material handling system is going to have more than one type of conveyor so that it can be more versatile when it needs to be. Here are some of the most common:

  • Chain belt: These are solutions that are designed to carry a lot of products at once. Because they are meant to carry a lot of material at the same time, they are located on the floor.
  • Steel belt: This is a type of belt that is designed to carry anywhere between 20 to 50 tons of material an hour. These often lead to compactors that dispose of waste daily.
  • Slider belt: These are a part of middle ground conveyor systems that need a lot of versatility. This belt is stronger than a chain belt, but it will not be as durable as a steel belt.
What is a gravity conveyor?

This is a material-handling solution that is designed to take the products across rollers until they either meet with another belt or the product is removed to be packed and distributed. Typically, this equipment will be positioned on an incline so that gravity can move the products.

What are pneumatic conveyor systems?

Pneumatic conveyor systems are ducts or vacuums that transport things like money and other lighter materials using air pressure. They are often seen at drive-through ATMs, but they can be seen at other places of business as well.