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Collectible Beer Tap Handles and Knobs

Across the globe, many people indulge in alcohol, specifically beer. Coincidentally, the beer tap aesthetic is a staple in man caves around the world. It is important to know how the beer tap handle is commonly used and the many different styles, options, and customization choices that are offered.

What is a tap handle and how does it work?

A tap is the piece of equipment that regulates beer from a keg. The tap is a valve or faucet that allows beer to come through tubing out of a keg or casket. The tap is usually mounted on the bar and can be decorative. When the tap is pushed or pulled, it allows the beer to flow from the keg or casket into the glass, via the tap or spigot. Typically, air pressure from either a CO2 tank or manual pump forces the beer out from the keg and into the glass for you to enjoy.

What are some different types of tap handles?

Handles can be customized into a variety of options. Basically, anything the consumer can imagine can be crafted into the spigot. Some traditional tap handles can be representative of the beer brand itself, such as Heineken, Guinness, Stella Artois, and many more companies. Many tap handles can be personalized or engraved, and some may be collectibles.

Other tap handles can represent a sports team, whether it be baseball, basketball, hockey, or American football. The handles can be of generic figurines, such as animals; they can be all types of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The most common handles are typically made of stainless steel or wood. There are also chalkboard handles that can be customized and drawn on.

Different handles can have many effects on the aesthetic or atmosphere of a bar. Selecting your own decorative tap comes down to a matter of preference; imagine that anything that you drill a hole into can become your new personal tap handle.

Are tap handle sizes universal?

When choosing what handle to order or create, keep in mind that the average tap faucet is a female piece, meaning it fits over the top of the insert, or the male piece. Generally, keg spigots are typically all the same 3/8"-16 UNC size. The beer taps are what can vary in size. Most taps range from 9-13 inches. Some taps can be as short as 4 inches, which is normally the size of the Delrin handle. Do your research and assess your personal needs before choosing a handle.