Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival that's held in Bavaria, Germany, every year at the end of September and the beginning of October. It's also celebrated in the United States. If you want to attend Oktoberfest this year or dress for Halloween in Oktoberfest costumes, here is a guide to choosing one.

What is a German Dirndl outfit?

A dirndl is the name of a traditional feminine dress that is worn in Austria and the Bavarian region of Germany. This dress is based on the traditional clothing of country folk living in the Alps. While a dirndl is a dress, dirndl skirts also exist, and they are gathered at the waist and fall below the knee. The dirndl typically consists of a full skirt, an apron, and a low-cut blouse with puff sleeves. Its style can vary, depending on if it's meant to be worn in winter or summer. The winter style has heavier fabrics for the skirts that are made out of cotton, linen, or wool. The winter style also has long sleeves. The summer dirndls have lighter fabric made from lightweight cotton.

What is a German Lederhosen outfit?

This traditional German clothing features breeches made of leather, and they can be short or knee-length. Traditionally, lederhosen were worn for physical work since they were more durable than typical fabric. Nowadays, the lederhosen costumes are most commonly worn at festivals like Oktoberfest rather than as everyday wear.

What do you wear to Oktoberfest?

Women: The outfit for women is often the dirndl dress with an apron tied around it. The women also wear a blouse with a low cut. The authentic dress goes below the knee, but the Oktoberfest costumes more commonly have shorter lengths. Each costume is tied with a bow. If you are single, you put the bow on the left side. If you are married, you put the bow on the right side. If you are a virgin, you put the bow in the middle. For shoes, women can wear either Mary Jane shoes or flats.

Men: The outfit for men is the lederhosen with suspenders, a white shirt, tall white socks, and a hat.

What are female lederhosen costumes?

Female lederhosen costumes are often used more by international visitors rather than Germans. These are high-cut, suede, short costumes, and they have suspenders. They are not a German traditional outfit, but they are often worn to an Oktoberfest party.

What accessories do you need?

Accessories that can be worn with your Oktoberfest outfit include gray feathered hats, Bavarian flags, alpine hats, and even felt mustaches. Another accessory that could be fun to bring to Oktoberfest is an alpine horn.

Can you use Oktoberfest costumes as Halloween costumes?

If you are not going to an Oktoberfest party, you can still wear Oktoberfest costumes as Halloween costumes. You can dress in the traditional Bavarian style to show pride in your German heritage and wear a wide variety of these items as Halloween costumes.