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Nolan Motorcycle Helmets

Nolan designs and builds helmets to be used when riding on motorcycles, scooters, and other vehicles where your head is exposed to the elements. The helmets are designed to protect the face and head in case of an accident. Here is an overview of Nolan motorcycle helmets, the type of accessories that may be available, and the technology used to manufacture them.

What type of protection is there from the suns glare?

Nolan helmets have a retractable sunshade for shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun. The sunshade has a button release that activates when you press it. Nolan’s sunshades are scratch and fog resistant.

How do you communicate with others while wearing a helmet?

Nolan uses a system called "N-com." N-com is a communications system that is installed into the shell of the helmet in a small area behind the snap-off cover. The Nolan N-com ensemble may include audio equipment, cell phone, GPS, and Bluetooth intercom capabilities to allow the rider to make a call out to someone or to communicate with a passenger on the back of the motorcycle.

How do you strap on a Nolan helmet?

Nolan uses a micro-lock quick-release design for the straps of the helmet.

What accessories are installed in the helmets?

Nolan has cheek pads, wind protectors, and a neck roll in their motorcycle helmets. The neck roll may be removed in warmer weather. The interior of the helmets have a removable liner made from breathable fabric.

What are some different models of motorcycle helmets?

There are several different types of motorcycle helmets that may provide head and face protection for people riding on motorcycles, including:

  • Full face: The helmet covers the top, back, and front of the head. It has an eye port for a clear view and a chin bar for protection.
  • Open face: The shell covers the head, but the front has an open face.
  • Modular: Also called a flip-up helmet, like the Nolan N103, the chin bar on this helmet may be lifted up or removed entirely.
How do you determine helmet size?

In order to determine your helmet size, you will need to measure the diameter of your head using a tape measure. A motorcycle helmet model will come with a size chart, which you can use to narrow down the most appropriate sized Nolan helmet. A proper helmet fit should move just a bit and slightly pull the scalp with it.

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