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Naim Home Audio Amplifiers and Preamps

Choosing the Right Naim Audio Amps and Preamps

When youre building a home stereo system, you shouldnt underestimate the importance of the amplifier. This audio component is responsible for boosting the electric current and reproducing the quality of the signal. Naim Audio designs amplifiers and preamps that preserve the fidelity of the sound while reducing unwanted feedback, and you can find new and preowned models on eBay.

What types of amps and preamps does Naim Audio make?

Naims line of amps and preamps includes

  • Integrated: The brands NAITs, or Naim Audio Integrateds, join power amplifiers with preamplifiers to enhance audio performance. Popular integrated products include SUPERNAIT 2, NAIT XS 2, and NAIT 5SI.
  • Power amplifier: Naim Audio also offers separate power amplifiers, which provide a high level of power and finesse. Naims power amplifier options include NAP S1, NAP 500 DR, NAP 300 DR, and NAP 250 DR.
  • Preamplifiers: Naim Audios individual preamps carefully boost the original signal to its minimum input level, which is crucial if you want optimal musical performance. The brands preamp options include NAC S1, NAC 552, NAC 252, and NAC 282.
  • Phonostage: Naims phonostage equipment is designed for use with vinyl records. They help to augment the hi-fi systems moving-coil phono signal, which leads to enhanced vinyl replay. The SuperLine and the StageLine are two of the brands primary phonostage products.
  • Crossovers: Naim Audio crossovers are specifically designed for use with three stereo power amplifiers.
What features do these Naim amps have?

These stylish Naim Audio amps have features such as

  • DR technology: This technology, which stands for discrete regulator, ensures that the noise supply voltage provided to electronics remains as low as possible.
  • Connectivity: Naim regularly adds new connectivity features to its amp lineup. These devices connect with Spotify, TIDAL, Bluetooth, and internet radio. Many are also UPnP-enabled, which lets users stream audio files at resolutions of 24bit/192kHz.
  • Multiroom ready: Many of the brands amps can be played in combination. Users can play the same song in five different rooms, or they can play a different song in each room.
  • Input support: Naim amps and preamps support myriad inputs, ranging from wired digital to analog. Options include digital inputs, which can be used to connect TVs, CD players, set top boxes, and games consoles. USB inputs can be used for playback of smartphones and MP3 players, and RCA inputs facilitate connections to older devices.
What file formats are supported?

Different Naim Audio amplifiers support different file formats. Many of the amps and preamps, however, provide lossless playback of the following supported file formats:

  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • AIFF
  • ALAC
  • MP3
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