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How to Choose Motorcycle Fairings and Bodywork

Motorcycle fairings and bodywork increase the visual appeal of a bike while offering certain safety aspects for the vehicle and the rider. With so many different kits and aftermarket body parts available for all types of motorcycles, you can get the look and feel that pairs with your personality when youre searching for new and used motorcycle fairings and bodywork on eBay.

What is included in motorcycle fairing kits?

You will find three basic size kits available when selecting motorcycle fairing kits for your motorcycle. Here is a list of what is often included in each kit to help make your selection easier:

  • Full fairing: This type of kit features everything that covers the full front of the motorcycle. This includes the section from the handlebars to the belly of the motorcycle. A windshield commonly seen on touring-style motorcycles that range from midsize to large is often part of this set. While these types of sets are often used for street models, there are some full-fairing kits that can be found for sports bikes as well.
  • Half fairing: These kits are often seen installed on cruiser models. However, many sports bike riders opt for the half-style kit due to the weight considerations and limited changes in handling that are seen when installed. These fairings will cover the handlebars and entire upper quadrant.
  • Quarter fairing: While this is the smallest kit offered for fairings, it still offers some level of protection for the bike and the rider. Most sets in this class include a small- to mid-size windscreen to minimize the wind exposure and drag that is experienced.
What are the benefits of installing fairings on a motorcycle?

Fairings are thought to increase the visual appeal of a motorcycle. However, these body kits do offer other benefits to the motorcycle and rider as well. Fairings reduce drag by creating a more aerodynamic design, and the parts protect the vehicle frame from debris or in the event of an accident. Fairings also provide some protection for the rider by creating a barrier from debris or other obstacles that can cause injuries while riding.

How do you install fairings on a motorcycle?

The methods for installing fairings on a motorcycle vary. Each type of fairing may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions. However, typical methods include:

  • Removal: Remove any original stock motorcycle fairings that may be currently on your motorcycle.
  • Placement: Compare the aftermarket fairings with your current products to ensure proper placement and securing.
  • Positioning: Position your fairings in the location where they will be attached to your motorcycle frame.
  • Securing: Using basic hand tools such as a ratchet and screwdriver, set the fasteners in place and secure them tightly.