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Motorcraft Car Truck Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are designed to help the suspension and steering systems produce a stable and smooth ride by absorbing impact. The parts can also help to keep the car at the right height level above the road so that the bottom of it doesn’t hit the asphalt when youre driving down a road. Motorcraft is a manufacturer of struts and shocks that can be used on a variety of different makes and models of vehicles.

How are shocks and struts made?

A shock absorber is made with a metal cylinder filled with oil and a piston. The shock absorber is attached to the frame of the car and the suspension system. The canister can have one or two tubes, depending on the design, that is filled part way with hydraulic oil and, in some models, a gas. The piston presses against the oil when the car hits a bump to absorb the shock. The pressure of pressing against the oil is designed to absorb the energy from the bump and stop the car from continuously bouncing up and down.

Struts are made a bit differently. A strut is used to hold the coils or springs in place on the suspension system. The spring does two things: it keeps the height of the car up where it should be, and it helps to absorb the energy when you stop or start the vehicle so that it does not rock back and forth. The strut bolts to the top of the wheel-well inside the engine compartment and trunk. Some Motorcraft parts also incorporate a shock absorber into a strut.

What types of shock absorbers are there?

There are essentially two different types of shock absorbers: regular and performance. The regular shocks are used on most vehicles. The performance models are designed to handle high-stress situations, such as off-road driving and racing.

What is the difference between gas and oil shocks?

The term gas shocks is somewhat of a misnomer since these models have both gas and oil in the cylinder. Nitrogen gas is added in some shocks to minimize the amount of aeration that naturally occurs in them as the piston goes up and down. The aeration can cause bubbles to appear in the oil. This can reduce the efficacy of the shock. The gas helps to prevent the formation of bubbles in the oil.

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