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Motor Mounts for Toyota Avalon

During the life of your Toyota Avalon vehicle it will experience a lot of wear and tear. This wear and tear will affect all the parts that help keep your Toyota sedan driving, including the motor mounts.

When should you replace motor mounts for Toyota Avalon?

If you have been experiencing any of the following, you should look into getting replacement motor mounts for Toyota Avalon as soon as possible:

  • Louder than normal engine noise
  • Feeling vibration in the steering wheel, pedals, and shift lever
  • Feeling the sedans engine jumping around during acceleration or braking
How are the motor mounts in your Avalon made?

Depending on what youre looking to get out of your Toyota Avalon, there are a variety of choices in motor mounts. Some stress comfort over performance and others the opposite. While there is diversity in style for the most part, motor mounts are all constructed in the same manner. There is a piece of premium steel that mounts to the engine of your Avalon. This piece has a bushing on it to mitigate sound and vibration. It also has a bracket that bolts into the frame of your Toyota that the mount attaches to.

What types of motor mounts can you find?
  • Rubber mounts: Rubber mounts hardened material can absorb the movement and noise of the engine while keeping it stable within the frame. However, the vehicles engine will still move around slightly due to the flexibility of rubber.
  • Polyurethane mounts: Polyurethane motor mounts offer a high-performance solution to the issue of power loss. The material is both durable and firm, and this combination keeps the engine stable and powerful when traveling down the Toyotas drive train.
  • Solid-engine mounts: If youre looking to maximize the performance from your Toyota Avalon for racing, the solid-engine mount might be of interest. It is a metal-on-metal product, granting exceptional durability to your Avalon.
  • Hydraulic mounts: One other style of motor mount uses hydraulics filled with different fluids that offer a silent, smooth ride while keeping the engine secured. They are great for engines that tend to be jumpy while running.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket motor mounts?

Once you are confident with which direction you want to go in, the next step is to decide between using OEM or aftermarket products. OEM simply means the mounts come from Toyota or one of Toyotas subsidiaries. Aftermarket is an encompassing term for any other company that produces motor mounts. OEM products are designed specifically for your Avalon hybrid and are backed by Toyota. Aftermarket products tend to be more universal when it comes to make and model of vehicle. They are also usually designed with some feature or purpose in mind. Both have their positive points, so it behooves you to do the research and make sure you are in a position to make an informed decision.