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Ford Freestyle Motor Mounts

Over time, driving can wear down the parts and components that keep your Ford Focus running smoothly and efficiently. This wear and tear may include elements you may not often consider such as the motor mounts. If you notice excessive amounts of vibration in the steering wheel and pedals, louder than usual engine noise, or you can feel the engine moving back and forth when you accelerate and stop, then it is probably time to replace the motor mounts in your Focus.

How are motor mounts constructed?

There are a variety of motor mounts available for your Ford Focus, and you will need to do some research to figure out exactly what you are seeking. Some mounts are geared for higher performance while others are for comfort, but they are all designed in basically the same way:. There is the motor mount, which bolts into the engine on your Focus. It will use various materials to dampen noise, a bracket that bolts into the frame for the mount to attach to it, and then there is mounting hardware that will hold the two in place.

  • The most common form of motor mounts on the market are rubber mounts. They have a stiff piece of material affixed to the mount. It provides a buffer between the metal on the engine and the frame and absorbs noise and vibration caused by internal combustion.
  • For performance, consider polyurethane mounts. They are a firm and durable and will not absorb quite as much engine noise and movement as rubber mounts, but they keep the engine from moving around in the frame, which transfers more power to the drivetrain of your Focus.
  • The Ford Focus has small three and four-cylinder engine options, and these little engines tend to shake around more than their bigger counterparts. If you are looking for a smooth ride, consider purchasing hydraulic mounts. They have a hollowed-out center filled with hydraulic fluid. The fluid absorbs engine noise and vibration, and helps keep the motor from moving around too much.
What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket mounts?

Once you have figured out what kind of mounts to put on your Ford Focus, the next step is to figure out whether you want to go with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or if aftermarket motor mounts are a better alternative. The former are products that come from Ford or one of its subsidiaries and are designed with your Focus in mind, while the latter is an umbrella term for any company not affiliated with Ford. Third-party mounts are usually intended to be universal, but there are some exceptions.