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Custom Designing with Mopar Decals

Custom designing a car or truck with a Mopar decal or sticker is a decision with many factors to consider. These include the decal or sticker’s color, design, shape, and size. With the right tools and choices made, you can make whatever statement you want on your car or truck via a Mopar decal.

How do you know which sticker to apply?

One decision in selecting a sticker is its color and design. If a design has any color, that color should complement the color of your car or truck. If the Mopar decal has a transparent portion, the transparent area will become the color of your car or truck once applied. Also, note the outlined colors on each decal. See if the sticker has a white or black (or other color) outline. If your car or truck is a different color, that outline will show distinctly. Paying close attention to the main filled color, the transparent areas, and the outlines of each sticker is vital.

What are some decal options?

Mopar decals are available for both the exterior and the interior of your car or truck. Examples of these decals include the following:

  • Tailgate nameplate.
  • Hood or window graphics.
  • Vinyl engine cover sticker.
  • High-temperature brake cover sticker.
  • Car or truck window or body racing decal.
How do you install Mopar decals on a vehicle?

The application of a sticker is a relatively easy task. The most important aspect is to align the decal in an exact and level location. The space around the decal should be equal and centered, or if on a window, applied in a corner or center.

  • Clean the area of your car or truck with soap, water, and alcohol. Using a chemical cleaner could leave residue.
  • Press the decal into place, and rub it firmly with a card or other hard surface to squeeze out the air bubbles.
  • Pull away the plastic cover slowly, making sure the decal sticks. If it does not stick at any point, replace the cover and continue to rub firmly.
  • Keep in mind that if you are applying vinyl to an area that gets hot, or on a window, the sticker should be high-temperature safe.
What are the laws pertaining to decals on vehicles?

Before applying a sticker, ensure you are within the laws of your region. Check the ordinances in your local area to see what is or is not allowed. In most states, any vinyl sticker that is defamatory or pornographic in nature could be considered unsuitable for public view. Decals covering large portions of a windshield, window, or mirror area of your car or truck could also be considered unsafe and illegal.