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Montana West Bags & Handbags for Women

Women's Montana West Bags & Handbags for Mother's Day

Let your mom carry all her essentials safely in a Montana West Handbag on Mother's Day. eBay has a wide range of Montana West bags and handbags for women that will be worth checking out. Browse through different styles like a crossbody, shoulder bag, tote, satchel, clutch, messenger bag, hobo bag, or backpack, and pick one that will suit your mom's needs. If you are buying it as a Mother's Day gift, you will find plenty of options on eBay. You can also choose from different sizes such as mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you can check out the pre-owned handbags available on eBay.

What Types of Available Bags Are There?

Montana West manufactures quite a few different types of purses, for many different occasions and purposes.

  • A standard shoulder bag or purse rests on your shoulder, so you are able to have your hands free as you walk.
  • A tote is a large bag that may have one large compartment, or several small compartments tucked within. Great for shopping or carrying various items, a tote may hang on your shoulder, or you may carry it in your hand.
  • A clutch purse is perfect for evening wear. Often, it does not come with a strap, and you hold it securely in your hand for a formal affair.
  • A hobo bag is a type of purse or handbag that is rather large and has a slouch to it. Typically, it will rest on your shoulder like a regular shoulder bag or purse.
  • Crossbody or messenger bags are strapped across the shoulder so that they make a diagonal line across your body as you walk. Great for events where you need your hands free for dancing or for socializing, these are typically small bags.
  • A concealed carry purse is specifically designed for ladies who have a gun permit and wish to carry their weapon with them.

What Are My Leather Options?

As many of these bags boast a leather construct, this may not be a fit for all. However, there are several options when it comes to your bag:

  • Genuine leather: Made of 100 percent leather, this bag has many color choices, and not just the standard brown or beige leather style.
  • Faux leather: This type of bag may include some construct that is not vegan; however, the majority of the purse will be crafted with faux leather.
  • Vegan: This purse is crafted with completely synthetic materials, and is a cruelty-free way to enjoy a Western style purse.

What Types of Features Are in These Collections?

As with many purse styles, youll find many of the same great features, in addition to others that are specific to the brand. Popular models include the MW666G-8085, MW666G-8317, MW666G-916, and MW667-8360.

  • Buckle: Many of these purses either feature buckle enclosures, or buckle embellishments as decoration on the outside of the handbag.
  • Zipper closure or zipper openings: This is the ideal way to keep sensitive and valuable items securely in your purse at all times.
  • Fringe: In line with the true Western style, many of these purse options feature leather fringes.
  • Embellishments: Look for other handbags that feature real turquoise, rhinestone studs, embroidered designs, studded pieces, and zip pockets.