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Mitchell and Ness NBA Shorts

Mitchell and Ness NBA shorts are inspired by different teams. Colors, logos, and patterns are designed to reflect a specific team's look. Caring for this brand of shorts appropriately helps to maximize their efficiency.

What types of shorts are available?

Mitchell and Ness makes all different kinds of athletic wear. The NBA collection features apparel, including bottoms, from different teams. The NBA shorts come in several different varieties with differing waistbands, hems, colors, patterns, and logos. All different designs from basketball teams around the country are showcased in the NBA collection.

What materials are Mitchell and Ness shorts made from?

Spandex, mesh, synthetic blends, cotton thread, and elastic are some of the materials used to make Mitchell and Ness athletic shorts. Typically, spandex is part of the overall fit for extra mobility. Synthetic blends and mesh make up much of the garments while elastic helps the waistband achieve a snug fit. Cotton thread is used to form the logo and patches that are on every pair of Mitchell and Ness athletic shorts. The logo differs depending on the particular team, and there is also an NBA patch in red, white, and blue.

What are some trademark features of basketball shorts?

Mitchell and Ness athletic shorts are athletic wear, meaning that there are no zippers, buttons, or closures involved aside from an elastic waistband. This helps to encourage mobility and lightness rather than having pockets for extras like wallets or phones. The shorts are made of lots of different NBA team colors; therefore, the collection involves only color combinations that belong to basketball teams. Hem lengths vary slightly, but many pairs of athletic shorts are hemmed with ribbing for an edging effect at the bottom.

How do you care for Mitchell and Ness shorts?

Most pairs of Mitchell and Ness NBA basketball shorts are able to be machine washed on a cold cycle and tumble dried on a low heat setting. However, read the tag inside each pair for specific care instructions. If you are unsure whether a pair of these shorts can be machine washed or not, you might elect to hand wash them in a basin of cold water with a gentle detergent. Once the basketball shorts are clean, rinse them with cool, clean water. Avoid heat to minimize the possibility of shrinkage. Lay the basketball shorts flat to air dry on a rack or another well-ventilated place. Avoid ironing the shorts.

If you plan to workout in your shorts, you might elect to let any residual sweat dry before putting the garment in a laundry hamper or bag. Placing a container of baking soda near the hamper may also help to eliminate odors and the possibility of mold developing.

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