Mercedes-Benz Car and Truck Parts

If you have spent significant amounts of time restoring and driving your Mercedes Benz, consider adding some accessories or swapping out parts. With both OEM and aftermarket versions available, you can pick and choose what you want to change. With such a wide selection, finding parts that will allow you to customize your vehicle is simple.

What cosmetic replacement accessories and parts are available?
  • Hood ornaments: You can choose between the model that came with your vehicle or flat emblems if you do not want it standing up.
  • Decal stickers: There are stickers you can add stickers to your radio knobs as well as decorative trunk and window decals. Some designs include Daimlers signature and AMG aluminum badges.
  • Wheel caps: Replace the wheel caps on your Mercedes Benz with replacement caps that feature the silver Mercedes-Benz star logo model.
  • License plate frame: Complete your vehicles look with a Mercedes-Benz license plate frame. This is a frame replacement for those with customized license plates.
Can you customize the Mercedes-Benz suspension system?

If you want to raise or lower your vehicles suspension, you can do so with a special parts kit. These Mercedes-Benz kits allow you to use larger tires and raise the frame higher than the manufacturer settings. If you are carrying heavy items in a trailer, a suspension leveling kit will help keep your car under control by maintaining an even plane. However, before adjusting your vehicle and using these Mercedes-Benz parts, check to make sure your state of residence allows this type of modification.

Are the Mercedes-Benz parts brand equipment or aftermarket?

You can choose your Mercedes-Benz parts from the models original equipment manufacturer or from a third party. Keep in mind that OEM parts will be made in the same factory as the vehicle, and these parts will use the same quality specifications and materials as your model. Third-party parts for the Mercedes, however, may use different materials. While they are meant to fit your vehicles model, these variations in the parts may require slight adjustments in the way they fit.

What parts can you use to protect the vehicles interior?

Simple, solid accessories for the Mercedes Benz that will help protect your vehicle include rubber floor mats and seat covers. These accessories for the Mercedes Benz are washable, allowing you to remove the dirt and grime brought in by passengers. You can also customize the appearance of the parts to show off your individual sense of style.

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