Mercedes-Benz Car and Truck Shift Knobs and Boots

Shift knobs or boots make a distinctive personal statement in a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz. Reflecting the excellence, quality, and timeless good taste of a Mercedes, the knobs and boots you choose can add that final touch to your car or truck. Knowing the Mercedes-Benz car and truck shift knobs and boots varieties and options can add a personal touch to your vehicles interior.

What is a shift knob?

Ergonomically fitted to your hand for ease of use in shifting, a shift knob or shifter is a round grip or handle at the end of the gear shift lever. Typically black and round, a car or trucks shift knob will feature an embedded medallion with the position of the gears.

In the case of the Mercedes-Benz, many shifter knobs proudly display the classic Mercedes-Benz logo. Shifters for the Mercedes may also offer many possibilities for style and customization, depending on your personal taste. Some styles are listed below.

  • Classic: This classic shifter comes in a basic black with the Mercedes-Benz logo medallion in the center of the knob. Many classic shifters are made of high-quality materials for extra durability and that sharp look of quality construction.
  • Luxury: Some Mercedes-Benz shift knobs feature exotic materials, including knobs constructed of deeply colored Zebrano wood, burl wood, or dark leather.
What is a boot?

Usually constructed of leather, vinyl, or rubber, a shift boot is a covering for the Mercedes-Benz gear shift. Like a small tent or old-fashioned gaiter, it protects the mechanisms of your car or trucks gear shift while supporting the lever and providing a classic finishing touch to interior your Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, many Mercedes-Benz models feature a built-in model attached to with their shifter for added convenience.

Typically, Mercedes-Benz models are made of black leather, which is generally considered a preferred material for its ease of care, classic look, and durability. Boots can also serve a variety of aesthetic and practical purposes, which are listed below.

  • Finishing: The cover adds a finishing touch to the interior of your car or truck by shielding the gear shift lever and gear assembly below the lever.
  • Protection: In order to keep your Mercedes-Benz operating optimally, it is important to keep the gear assembly free of corrosion, liquids, foods, or other materials. Boots protect your Mercedes-Benz from harmful elements that could cause a malfunction.
  • Aesthetics: Sending that message of function and luxury, the Mercedes-Benz needs the finishing touch of a high-quality boot free from wear.