Mercedes-Benz Car and Truck License Plate Frames

Mercedes-Benz car and truck license plate frames are an important accessory as they can offer protection and personalization for your luxury vehicle. Easy to install with simple tools, frames and covers come in a variety of types and styles.

What is the purpose of a license plate frame?

A useful accessory for your vehicle or truck, license plate frames function like picture frames for your Mercedes-Benz license plate. Usually made of stainless steel, brushed metal, chrome, or carbon fiber, frames protect the edges of your license plate.

Because some license plates are made of thin metal, even normal automated car washes can bend or dent them. However, a plate frame can add stability to the metal of the license plate and prevent it from being damaged.

What Mercedes-Benz frame styles are available?

License plate frames and covers can come in almost any style or type to appeal to a variety of purposes and interests. Depending on your automobile, career, lifestyle, or personal taste, you may wish to get a license plate frame or front cover in any style.

  • Classic: The classic license plate frame comes in stainless steel or brushed steel. Easy to replace if damaged, these classic frames resist rust and corrosion while protecting your plate.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Celebrate your love for the quality, style, and status of your Mercedes-Benz AMG, S-Class, or classic model with your frame. The automobiles name and logo appear on many specialized plate frames and covers.
  • Covers: For a stylish appeal on the front of your automobile, consider a license plate cover in black stainless steel, featuring a 3D chrome Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-Benz AMG logo.
How are license plate covers and frames installed?

Although it is always possible to have this work done professionally, it is also easy Mercedes-Benz owners to install their own covers and frames on both the front and back of their vehicle. Typically, installation requires household tools.

After unscrewing the license plate from the vehicle and placing it in alignment with the new frame, use the mounting screws that usually come included to screw your new frame into the holes already present in your vehicles bumper.

Why should you consider a custom license plate frame?

Besides protecting your Mercedes-Benz license plate from bending, dents, or damage caused by rust, salt, weather, or corrosion, these frames can show off your individual preferences and tastes. Rugged, black and carbon fiber plate covers or frames can convey your love for outdoor adventure while an eye-catching and unique plate frame can individualize and personalize your automobile.