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Medela Electric Breast Pumps

Breastfeeding mothers who work outside the home or who simply want to have the option of feeding baby a bottle of breast milk often find use for an electric breast pump. Many mothers have questions about what products are needed to pump, store, and feed their baby safely. The Medela brand of breast pumps offers numerous choices of products for mothers who desire to breastfeed.

What breast pump options does Medela offer?

Medela manufactures several different choices for both single and double electric breast pumps to help make breastfeeding feasible for more women. Two choices are the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and the Medela Swing models and both are portable.

  • The Medela Pump in Style Advanced is a double breast-pump option that features a two-phase expression technology. The Pump in Style Advanced kit contains a tote with the breast pump and battery pack, tubing, breast shields, breast milk storage bottles, and a cooler bag to store milk. A knob on the unit allows for adjustment of speed and suction settings.
  • The Medela Swing model is a single electric pump that also features the two-phase expression technology. The Medela Swing is a smaller model and comes with a power cord, battery, milk storage bottle, tubing, and breast shield contained in a drawstring bag.

Hospital grade pumps are also available. They record the hours of machine use.

What are the cleaning instructions for a Medela breast pump?

Each Medela pump comes with detailed cleaning instructions for the specific model. Be sure to follow them exactly in order to pump, store milk, and feed your baby. All pump parts should be rinsed or washed with soap immediately after each pumping session and sanitized by steam or boiling once every day.

Can a Medela breast pump be used by multiple people?

Medela manufactures breast pumps for retail and hospital uses. Hospital grade pumps are used by multiple women since all components can be sterilized. However, retail pumps have pieces that are designed strictly for single users.

What are some special features offered by Medela?

Medela breast pumps feature technology that mimics the way an infant naturally nurses to promote efficient milk expression. Suction pressure settings are adjustable on the unit for each mother to stimulate her milk flow. The Medela Sonata features smart technology that connects to a smartphone app to track pumping sessions. The Sonata also offers a digital timer.

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