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The Uniqueness of Marsell Women's Shoes

Marsell's women's shoes are not your ordinary pumps and peep toes. Most of their designs are made of leather with the occasional suede, flats, sneakers, and fancy high-heeled dress shoes in the mix. A lot of their options are made up of boots or booties. Some of the more eye-catching ones are the unique Oxford shoes and Mary Janes. Regardless of which design you choose, you can rest assured it will be eye-catching and an unconventional luxury accessory.

What are the common Marsell women shoe designs?

When you browse through their inventory, you will see that Marsell favors leather boots and booties as its main products. They vary in material such as black leather, brown leather, soft leather, suede, calfskin leather, and pony hair. Their footwear are made with quality rubber soles for better grip on surfaces. They come in different shapes and sizes such as:

  • Half-booties
  • Knee-high boots
  • Mid-calf boots
  • Cut-out boots
  • Lace-up leather boots
  • Slouch boots
  • Leather ankle boots
  • High-heel boots
  • High-heel ankle boots
  • Low-heel ankle boots
  • Wedge ankle boots
  • Flatform boots

What Varieties of Closures Do Marsell Shoes Have?

Because of the range of designs, Marsell has taken it upon themselves to provide different types of closures for their footwear to make up for the intricate designs. Of course, their sandals, slip-on, and mules don't have closures, but the most common ones you will find are:

  • Back-zip boots
  • Slip-on shoes
  • Laceless shoes
  • Lace-up shoes
  • Lace-up sneakers
  • Ankle-length slouch insert

What Other Designs Does Marsell Offer?

Aside from boots, Marsell also provides designs for different occasions. Their specialty is not limited to the boot, but also includes many designs that are both classic and modern. Marsell uses a lot of leather for their shoes so you can expect to see that most of the shoes will last a long time. Even their suede counterparts are made to last. Marsell has added their own twist to these other designs such as distressed patterns, stiletto heels, unique flats, and more. Here are a few examples:

  • Black Leather Arsella Open Toe Slides
  • New Woman Classic Leather Loafers
  • Nero Black Leather Wedge Heel Mules
  • Women's Suede Ankle Boots
  • Women's Distressed Leather Ankle Boots
  • Two-toned Leather Oxfords
  • Brown Leather T-Strap Wedge Heel

Which Marsell Designs Are Rare?

When you look at what they have to offer, there is a significant price range in some of Marsell's footwear. This is because some of Marsell's shoes are hard-to-find and limited in stock. That is why some of them will cost hundreds more than their regular offers. These include the:

  • White Leather Shoes
  • New Woman White Leather Slipper Shoe
  • New Woman Leather Classic Metallic Gold Loafers
  • Black Silver Studded Leather Laced Slip Ons
  • Marsell Brown Grained Leather Open Toe Slingback Sandals with Block Heels
  • Women's Black Sacchina Ballerina Pointed Toe Shoes
  • Black Leather Bootie Sandals
  • Grey Leather Open Toe Slingback Block Heel Sandals
  • Formica Derby Shoes

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