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Mamiya Medium-Format Film Camera

This company began as a Japanese manufacturer of cameras and optical accessories. These cameras were first made in 1940. Initially, they were made as medium-format editions.

What types of Mamiya medium-format cameras are available?

The brand's film camera uses a 6 by 8-inch frame as its medium-formatted cameras, which replaced the original 6 by 6-inch frame that proved to be difficult for horizontal shots. The adjustment made turned this brand into a common medium-format producer. Some things to look for in these cameras are:

  • Adjustable lenses: A standard female component enables these cameras to connect to multiple lens sizes, widths, and lengths through the common male component of a lens.
  • Aperture: The aperture of these cameras work like an iris and enable photographers to close or expand a lens' opening for more or less light.
  • Airtight seals and shutter: All lenses are manufactured to seal away dust and moisture. The components of each lens have the ability to auto adjust, manage shutter speed, and control aperture.
  • Circular focus: The brand uses a circular knob to adjust the focus setting and gives photographers direct connection to a camera's focus at all times of a shoot.
Is a medium-format camera used for making videos?

The medium range produced by this manufacturer takes into account a 6 by 8-inch dimension. This format reduces the need for cameras to rotate as it can capture a wider range of view. That range has made the medium-format an initial tool for film sets and movies. The company produces the medium edition in the compact, large, and professional sizes.

What accessories does Mamiya have for the medium-format camera?

The film camera requires a few accessories that are also manufactured by the brand. These products consist of focusing screens, interfaces, adapters, lens caps, lens hoods, and a digital backing. Additional items include:

  • 645DF: The 645DF consists of several different models found with this company. The autofocus mechanism of the camera can distinguish between light and contrast. The battery capacity allows roughly 10,000 shots within one charge. This camera uses a lens constructed with a digital focal plane. Other lenses by the manufacturer are interchangeable with this model.
  • Leaf Credo 50: The Leaf Credo 50 consists of a long line of cameras that are built with a performance complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor sensor. This enables a few digital functions to occur like line view performance, capture ratios, and dynamic range. The sensor is embedded with 50 megapixels. The camera has 100-6400 as its ISO range with 1.2 frames taken per second. This is a compact model measured at 44x33 mm.
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