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Madewell Women's Dresses

The Madewell brand focuses on creating laid-back looks that are always on trend, and though the brand is known for its jeans, Madewell crafts a variety of clothing types, including sweaters, shorts, tees, and dresses. Their timeless dress looks for women include dresses of various lengths, colors, and materials, ensuring you'll find just the right look for everyday wear.

What Are Some Madewell Dress Types?

When it comes to looking for a dress from Madewell, there is no lack of variety. The brand offers multiple silhouettes and looks for every woman, and size options range from XXS to XXL, or from 0 to 10. Dress designs have accents and embellishments that make them stand out, such as lace edging and tie backs.

  • Casual Dress: Understated and comfortable, the tee dress comes in several lengths, including an ankle-length design as well as a knee-length option. Made from soft jersey cotton material, this casual dress is a daytime go-to. Other casual dress options include the tiered midi dress, which has spaghetti straps and a tiered bottom, or the shirtdress, which is a button-down denim dress with an open fit.
  • Evening and Day-to-Night Dresses: Versatile dresses you can wear for many occasions, evening dresses from Madewell feature fabrics that include silk and special details such as ruffles, asymmetrical hemlines, and lace. Day-to-night dresses become less casual and dressier depending on how you accessorize them, and some options include a ruffled wrap dress, cold-shoulder designs, and V-neck eyelet styles. Colors vary, from floral patterns to black, red, or gray.
  • Denim Options: Denim designs come in varied lengths as well as styles, including a peasant dress, midi dress with a cami top, and ruffled shirtdress. The washes vary from a light wash to a dark indigo shade.

What Are Some Features of Madewell Dresses?

Though the company prides itself on effortless looks and comfortable options, the various apparel types aren't without additional features, making them even more appealing.

  • Loose, Lightweight Feel: Madewell clothing for women won't weigh you down. One of the hallmarks of its designs is the loose fit and the lightweight, breezy feel of the garments. Many of the pieces eschew a fitted waist in favor of a more open fit for a less restrictive feel.
  • Washable Pieces: Though some of the silk options for nighttime wear are dry clean only, a vast majority of Madewell pieces are machine washable, making care a cinch.
  • Interesting Accents: Though Madewell's entire clothing philosophy is based on laid-back looks, clean lines, and classic looks, some pieces feature embellishments that add visual interest to them, including tassels, ruffles, buttons, cutouts, and pockets.

What Materials Are Used to Create Madewell Garments?

Madewell uses a variety of genuine and authentic fabrics to craft their apparel, so it's always wise to check the care label before washing garments to ensure proper care.

  • Cotton Fabric: Comfortable and appealing, cotton is a fabric you'll see often when browsing this brand. Some pieces are also made using a blend of cotton and linen.
  • Denim Material: Pieces created with denim also typically include a bit of elastane for stretch. Chambray is another common clothing component.
  • Silk Fabric: Used in many cocktail or evening pieces, silk has an elegant look and feel and moves with the body.

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