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Lululemon Athletica Apparel for Women

Lululemon Athletica is an athletic apparel brand that started in Canada and has expanded their business worldwide. They design apparel for both men and women, offering items that range from hats and scarves to pants and swimwear.

Where is Lululemon clothing made?

Lululemon outsources its manufacturing processes to overseas factories and facilities. The home-based office, where the designs are born, is in Vancouver, Canada, and the brand has various distribution warehouses in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. They have over 300 stores worldwide.

What is Lululemon Everlux technology?

Various Lululemon Athletica women's products, including athletic pants and tops, utilize their Everlux technology. Everlux is designed to stay dry during a sweaty workout. The material is breathable and lightweight for workouts in places of high humidity or low airflow, such as in a yoga studio. It dries quickly using a wicking process that takes sweat from the skin and disperses it throughout the material so it evaporates.

What is Lululemon Luon fabric?

The Lululemon Athletica Luon fabric is a breathable fabric that is soft. It is used on a variety of their women's athletic apparel items but is a common bchoice for leggings due to its ability to stretch in four ways. This allows for flexibility during yoga and other activities.

How do you clean Lululemon leggings?

Women's athletic pants can generally be washed in the washing machine on a cold cycle, then dried in the dryer on low. To prolong the life of these pants, you can line dry them so they maintain their elasticity and tightness and help keep the material from fraying. Items that are made of Luon should be washed separately because fuzz from other materials will stick to them, particularly cotton. For more details, read the inside tag of the item.

Does Lululemon have waterproof gear for women?

Lululemon does offer waterproof jackets. Their waterproof jackets have a loose fit, so that they can be put over multiple layers if needed and have ventilation zippers that can be opened or closed to help regulate body temperature when exercising.

Do Lululemon sports bras have cups built into them?

Lululemon sports bras typically come with cups that are simply sitting in a pocket in the front of the bra. These accessible pockets allow women to remove and replace the cups that come in the bra and they can be removed from the bra specifically to wash the garment as well. These cups are designed to provide extra support to the material, though the sports bra will work just as effectively without the cups.