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Ludwig Percussion Mounts and Assembly Hardware

Ludwig Drums kits are supported by specialized percussion hardware. Additionally, the Ludwig Drums instrument parts can be used as a percussion instrument for a variety of sounds. Ludwig percussion mounts and assembly hardware are attached to the different drums in the set and they are held up by stands for playing purposes.

Does Ludwig Drums have hardware for gigging?

Ludwig Drums have crafted the Atlas Standard accessories ensemble to assist the needs of gigging instrumentalists and artists. You can find the following in the Atlas Standard collection:

  • Snare and hi-hat stand
  • Cymbal stand
  • Boom cymbal stand
  • Double tom stand
  • Bass drum pedal
What are the features of the Atlas Standard snare stands?

The snare parts of this Ludwig Drums ensemble move by a ball-in-socket apparatus. The legs are sturdy and double-braced to support the snare. The height of the snare is adjustable down to 15 inches for drummers that prefer deep snare drums and low setups.

Does Ludwig Drums have hardware for frequent travel?

The Ludwig Atlas Classic stands are portable, lightweight, and sturdy. The Atlas Classic Series includes the following:

  • Snare and hi-hat stand
  • Cymbal stand
  • Boom cymbal stand
  • Bass drum pedal
  • Double tom stand
  • Round drum thrones
  • Saddle drum thrones
What are some features of the Atlas Classic round thrones?
  • The Ludwig Atlas Classic round drum throne features a two-tone hardware design.
  • The seat is thick with high-density foam.
  • The seat has height adjustability with a locking spindle.
  • The Ludwig Atlas Classic throne design is the \"Atlas Sticker\" in blue and olive vinyl.
What are some accessories from Ludwig Drums hardware?

Some accessories are listed here:

  • Mini boom arm: The mini boom arm holds a 12 mm cymbal boom with a Gearless Aero Tilter. The mini boom arm is attachable to any mounting clamp or auxiliary port.
  • Atlas anchor: Anchor your drum without any drilling by using the Atlas anchor. The Atlas anchor was built to enforce a solid slip-free playing foundation for bass drums of different varieties.
  • Atlas arch: The Atlas arch allows for limitless positioning and secure mounting of tom drums at various angles.
  • Aerodyne tilter clamp: The Aerodyne tilter clamp (short) for cymbals adds flexibility in cymbal placement involving tight spaces. The Aerodyne tilter clamp can be attached to any 12 mm tom or cymbal arm, with its securing mechanism being a 12 mm locking clamp.
Are there double bass pedals from Ludwig Drums?

The Ludwig Drums double bass pedals can be found in the Atlas Pro Series. This series is designed for touring professionals. The shaft connector is made of aircraft aluminum. The included percussion chain options are long and short for accurate geometric measurements at low or high footboard angles. The bass drum pedal is also fully adjustable for customizable preferences. Some other features are listed here:

  • Stainless-steel drive shaft
  • Monarch dual-chain Drive Cam
  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors
  • Footboard mounted, threaded spike spurs