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Ford E-250 Locks and Hardware

Ford premiered their full-size van, the E-250, in 1987. This vehicle was a staple in their market through the 2014 model. Locks and hardware require standard maintenance to keep them in working order.

What is the purpose of the Ford E-250 lock actuator?

The actuator is the command center in your Ford E-250s door locking system. It serves as the motor that powers your vehicles regulator. The motor connects to the locking device, controlling its movements, with gears and cables.

How do you know when the Ford actuator is failing?

If you can familiarize yourself with a couple of crucial signs that your car doors actuator is about to go out, youll save some headaches. The first, and most obvious, is the noise. When an actuator starts going, it will let you know loudly. Second, your Fords door locks begin moving on their own. Theyll click up and down quickly. If your vehicle has one failing actuator, the others can be affected as well. If the actuator on your Ford E-250 has completely gone out, youll need to use the key.

What are signs that the Fords lock cylinder is failing?

The lock cylinder on your Ford will reveal a few symptoms when the lock cylinder is going out. The tumblers in the cylinders locking mechanism are set to match the cuts on the key. If your Fords cylinder has failed, the key wont work in the lock. Other signs include needing effort to use the key in your vehicles door, and it getting stuck in the lock.

How does the Ford E-250 door lock relay work?

The electronic relay sends signals to the door lock actuator in your Ford. It is imperative to maintain the wiring in the E-250s lock relay in order continue its ability to function properly. The motor doesnt receive the correct message when theres a short in the wiring. Once the automatic locking system has failed, you should still be able to use the key to operate it.

Why wont the Ford E-250 passenger door stay closed?

If your Fords passenger door will not stay closed as you drive, or it wont open at all, you can look to a couple of areas as the possible source. Take a look at the handles and make sure theyre functioning properly. If they arent the problem, then move on to the interior mechanism. It is most likely the vehicles door latch assembly. Its the part that allows the latch to move on or off of the anchor in your Fords door frame. It should be an automatic operation as you use the handle.