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Liz Claiborne

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Liz Claiborne Shoes for Women

Fashion designer and icon Liz Claiborne created a clothing empire, designing stylish, high-quality fashion, accessories, fragrance, and shoes. Her legacy lives on in a collection of shoes designed for the comfort and grace of the everyday woman. Experience high fashion with Liz Claiborne pumps, sandals, shooties, and more.

What types of shoes does Liz Claiborne offer?

Liz Claiborne offers a wide variety of elegant shoes for women with good taste who want uptown sophistication and quality in their footwear.

  • They have an impressive range of gorgeous flats with some in two-toned patent and pearlized leather and others in patterned ultrasuede.
  • Their loafers are incredibly comfortable in tweed or calfskin, often with subtle, stylish patterns to make them unique.
  • There are knee-high leather boots offering classic contours and high heels along with belted riding boots with suede uppers.
  • You won't want to miss the vintage-style pumps, gorgeous in suede with subtle details like Mary Jane straps, gold-tone accents, or square toes.
  • There are sandals and mules in playful patterns and elegant styles to fit any occasion.
  • There are casual but gorgeous mocassins, sneakers, and slip-on shoes that keep you looking smart and feeling comfy at home with family or out with friends.

All Liz Claiborne footwear is made with the highest standards of comfort and excellence and offers features like cushioned insoles, flexible construction, and rubber-grip soles.

How do you take care of Liz Claiborne shoes?
  • Slight modifications: Having a repairman place rubber taps and half-soles on the bottoms of your new shoes can extend their life.
  • Rotate your pairs: To give your shoes some breathing space in between wearings, alternate the pairs you wear each day. This will also allow them to completely dry out from rain or other wet conditions.
  • Keep 'em clean: Keeping your footwear clean will help maintain their appearance. That includes the insides, especially if odor is an issue. Gently clean the insides with alcohol or a drop of tea tree oil, the latter acting as an anti-fungal agent.
  • Wear socks: Wearing socks or hosiery protects the insides of your shoes from the salt in your perspiration which can erode the insoles over time.
  • Polish the leather: The same salt from perspiration can cause leather to dry over time and ruin the appearance of your shoes. Regular polishing will help keep them looking gorgeous.
  • Shoe trees: Shoe trees hold a shoe in its proper shape to help it dry out correctly. The wood is absorbent which also helps dry out the linings and protect against erosion.