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Little Tikes Toys for All Young Children

Is it time to refresh your child's toy collection or to give someone a fun and educational Little Tikes toy? Take a look at one of the toys or playsets in the mobility toys collection by Little Tikes where you will find a wide variety of toys for a wide range of interests and abilities.

Are Little Tikes toys engaging and fun for developing minds and bodies?

The Little Tikes collection has educational toys that appeal to children from babies to young children aged four years and older. You will find basketball hoops that teach children better coordination and how to take turns as well as dollhouse furniture that allow them to parallel play and learn the names of objects and their uses around the house.

Is the vintage toys collection appropriate for young children?

Vintage toys keep children engaged and having fun whether you choose a mini pool set, a huge lot with 40 pieces of vintage dollhouse furniture or farm animals and cars. These vibrant and detailed vintage toys continue to be associated with fond childhood memories. The pieces come in many sizes and shapes, which means that young children with varying fine motor abilities can still find larger and easy-to-hold pieces. See the manufacturer site for details about sizes and measurements.

Are there mobility toys that help young children develop large muscle function?

There are many types of mobility toys in the Little Tikes toy collection as well as educational toys that help large muscle development. Bigger toys include an indoor ball pit that comes with 20 multicolored plastic balls that children can use to practice their throwing and jumping skills. Toddlers will enjoy rocking horses that require using their feet and torso muscles to make the large mobility toys move. Choose a Tap-A-Tune drum or a TotSports T-Ball playset that lets kids work on their arm muscles and develop hand-eye coordination.

Are replacement parts available?

Some toys, like the basketball hoop, might show wear and tear over time, and you can find replacement basketball nets in the collection. Other toys, like the racecar playset, has replacement loops available. Each toy in the Little Tikes collection may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions as needed.

Can a child who likes being outdoors find a Little Tikes toy to play with outside?

Little Tikes has something for children who like to play outside whether they enjoy pretend play or building. You can choose a Little Tikes Big Waffle playset that your children and their friends can use to build plastic tunnels in the backyard. There are also various child-sized toy cars and plastic gas pumps for pretend play.

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